First Lady of Israel Hands Melania A Gift For Baron That Holds A Much Deeper Meaning Than We Thought

Melania Trump is widely known and is a beautiful woman both inside and out. Her dedication to her son, Barron, is such a beautiful thing to see in a world where so many women are hardened. It is obvious that Melania’s love and sweet spirit for her child is evident to anyone who is a parent. A fact that was not lost on the First Lady of Israel and the gift given to Melania was the perfect thing one could give a mother in Melania’s position.

Here is more from IJR:

The first lady of Israel spent time with Melania and gave her a gift. What made that gift special was who it was intended for: Melania’s only son, Barron. The gift was a book called “The Hug.”

The first lady got copies in three different languages, but it’s the content of the book that matters. According to descriptions, the book illustrates a mother and son, alone on a walk. Her boy is named Ben. The son is worried that he is alone in the world because he is “special,” but his mother reassures him with a hug. According to a review from the Jewish Book Council: Poetically translated from the original Hebrew, we follow young Ben and his mother as they walk through a field one afternoon talking about what makes Ben so very special. If you are unique and special, are you all alone in the world, asks Ben, with a quiet but deep concern. But his mother knows, as mothers often do, how to reassure her child that being one of a kind need never mean being all on your own.

Posting on Facebook, the Israeli First Lady said,

“Hi everyone, here is Nechama, Thank you very much for the warm words from yesterday. You were very excited and excited. It was a special day for all of us, and of course for Ruby and me too. In the hustle and bustle of this important and historic visit, I also got to know the first lady from Melania. A charming woman inside and out, sensitive and special. While we were together, I brought her a gift that I bought for their son, 11-year-old Baron, the charming book “Hug” written by David Grossman and Ira Michal Rovner, in three copies: Hebrew, Arabic and English. It was important for me to give the Baron, who remained at home and is only 11 years old, a souvenir from his parents’ visit to Israel. There is no suitable number so beautiful, that tells about love by embracing. A book for children, but one that also concerns adults. Melania was very moved, and immediately understood, even before reading her contents, that this was a story about a mother and child. I very much hope that Baron will like the book as much as I do. It was great to sit with her, and with the wonderful Ivanka who joined us, and to talk, among other things, of bringing together strangers who, if they were interested in each other, might have been less afraid of getting closer. Yours (and thanks again) Nechama”

This is a beautiful story and one I am sure Melania and Barron will treasure this gift for life.

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H/T [ Independent Journal Review ]