After FOX News Fires Judge Napolitano, Execs Threaten To Fire Sean Hannity For Absolutely Insane Reason

Presidential elections are a messy business, 2016 was one of the worst I have ever seen. All throughout the election America was told by the Mainstream media that Clinton would win; however, that would prove impossible. As a Political Scientist, I did my own research, and things were just not adding up. Not saying you have to be a Political Scientist to see the deep deception of the media and the Democrat party. Just looking at the rallies alone suggested a Trump victory. Not to mention the polls, they all pointed to Trump.

As I watched the election results come in, the Fox News talking heads were still suggesting a Clinton win. When Florida was being reported, I myself looked to see what counties were being reported, after all, “liberal” counties were in, (Alachua, Miami-Dade, Broward, Orange, Volusia, West-Palm… and so on, the only counties left were the panhandle, (excluding Tallahassee which is very liberal being it’s a college town.) I said that Trump had Florida, of course, the news was saying otherwise, nonetheless, Florida went to Trump.

The only one who did not say Clinton would win was Sean Hannity.

This week, it has been revealed that some Fox News executives were so furious at Hannity for refusing to say that Clinton would beat Donald Trump that they were considering firing him.

According to Donald Trump News:

“As most of the publications themselves clearly state, the sample obviously can’t be representative of the electorate because they only reflect the views of those Internet users who have chosen to participate…Another problem — we know some campaigns/groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online polls and flood the results,” said executive Dana Blanton. “These quickie click items do not meet our editorial standards.”

Hannity refused to back down, nonetheless.

“You’ve got this list of polls, Donald Trump wins. You watch TV, Hillary Clinton wins,” the Fox News host said. Brian Kilmeade then backed him up, saying, “The online polls show you guys won by overwhelming margins.”

Well, he was right, and he is still working at Fox. It is sickening to learn that an honest journalist could be threatened all because they report the truth.

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