George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Cuts Ties With Hollywood And Shocks Everyone At The U.N.

Amal Clooney is a human rights attorney, asked the U.N. why they have not done more to stop ISIS.

President Trump promised that he would wage a tough war against ISIS, and he has kept his word. While the left implodes and calls Trump a bigot and a racist he may have just found a new ally. Amal Clooney, who is the wife of ultra-liberal George Clooney spoke to the U.N. about the ISIS crisis. Amal pulled no punches when talking to the U.N. and I hope they listen.

According to Red Alert Politics:

Amal is a human rights lawyer who is simply doing her job. She is representing victims of ISIS rapes and kidnappings. Not criticizing the U.N. for their indifference to ISIS or their weak efforts on justice would be incredibly lazy and even dishonest on her part.

Amal Clooney who is a human rights attorney, asked the U.N. why they have not done more to stop ISIS.

“I am speaking to you, the Iraqi government, and to you, U.N. member states, when I ask: Why? Why has nothing been done?” she said, dramatically adding, “Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide.”

Though George Clooney has been harsh towards President Trump and has called him a “xenophobic fascist”, Amal was much kinder.

“The president-elect has said that fighting ISIS is actually a priority,” she said. “So it may be that there can be progress, and obviously everyone has to respect the outcome of the democratic process here, and we have to hope for the best.” Her husband, George, told the press he was ‘proud’ of her ‘very important’ work against ISIS.

It is good to see someone break ranks from the Hollywood elite. Speaking out against these barbarians is not being a racist, but the left cannot distinguish between the two. However, instead of the media focusing on Amal’s powerful speech they chose to divert the attention to her burgeoning baby bump.

That is just what I would expect from the media. Instead of them giving this woman credit for standing up for what is right they place focus on something trivial.

Thank you, Amal, for standing up for those who are being brutalized by ISIS. I hope your words will make an impact so we can eradicate these monsters once and for all.

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]