GOP TRAITOR Who Sabotaged Efforts to Repeal Obamacare Gets LAST News She Wanted to Hear

For years, Republicans in Washington D.C. have been promising to repeal Obamacare. The signature legislation which President Obama touted as affordable is anything but affordable. Finally, after the election of Donald Trump, the United States Senate was in a position to repeal Obamacare and give Americans a new slate. However, there were a few traitor GOP Senators who sided with the Democrats and betrayed their party and country. One of those treacherous Senators is Senator Susan Collins.

Senator Susan Collins was one of a few Senate Republicans who voted against the repeal of Obamacare. What was her reasoning? She stated that it had something to do with the funding of Planned Parenthood. Needless to say, the folks that she represents in Maine are not too happy with her vote.

A new PPP poll of Republican voters in Maine indicated that 60% of those who answered stated they are likely to not vote for Senator Collins in the upcoming election. Additionally, the poll also indicated that 62% of those who responded do not approve of the job Senator Collins has done in the United States Senate thus far. Basically her constituents are extremely mad, and this is definitely going to show in the 2018 Senate race when Republicans hold their primary in Maine. According to the PPP poll, it seems that Mary Mahew, the Health and Human Services Commissioner is likely to be the Republican candidate.

In total, seven Republican Senators betrayed America when they voted against the straight repeal of Obamacare. Those Senators are Lamar Alexander from Tennessee, Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia, Susan Collins from Maine, Dean Heller from Nevada, John McCain from Arizona, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, and Rob Portman from Ohio. Each of these Senators is now facing significant backlash from their constituents and it’s likely they will not be re-elected. Senator Lisa Murkowski went so far as to vote against even allowing a debate of the GOP legislation before the Senate. None other than Senator Susan Collins joined her in this effort to block a debate on the Senate floor for this repeal which would bring relief to millions of Americans and get rid of this monstrosity called Obamacare.

Politics aside, it is common knowledge that Obamacare is the greatest single fraud perpetrated against the American people. Even worse, Congressmen and Senators are not subject to the rules of Obamacare. Millions of Americans were promised that they could keep their doctor–which turned out to be a lie.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi famously claimed, “We have to sign it to see what’s in it.”  Well, now we know what is in it and how badly Obamacare has damaged the economy and the healthcare industry. Yet Democrats and traitor Republicans in Washington D.C. seem hell-bent on forcing this horrible legislation down our throats. Perhaps if the Congressmen and Senators in Washington D.C. were not exempt from Obamacare, they might change their tune.

Thankfully, the fight to get rid of Obamacare is not over. There are still the Senate elections for 2018 where voters will have the opportunity to get rid of the seven aforementioned Senators who betrayed America, and there is still time for the debate to repeal Obamacare and have a solid replacement which will benefit all Americans.

Many in the mainstream media, like the hacks from CNN and liberal crybabies like Juan Williams from Fox News still can’t figure out how Donald Trump became President of the United States. This recent Senate vote is exactly the reason why Trump won. After seven years of Republicans in Washington D.C. promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, that promise turned out to be all hot-air. According to polls, voters are stating their intention to fix this when election time comes around.  At this point in the game the only thing that could save these seven Republican traitors is to repeal Obamacare before their respective primaries.  They might then have a chance, but voters are not soon to forget.

For now, voters who are upset about the Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare are encouraged to write, call, and email their respective Senators urging them that if they still want their job, they had better do what they are told. If not, they can expect to be replaced by someone who will carry out the will of the voters.

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