HATER ALERT: Melania Just Arrived For Round 2 In Texas and Libs Are LOSING IT Over The Item She Brought

Melania Trump was brutally attacked and insulted via social media trolls when she was seen boarding a plane headed for Texas to visit the storm-ravaged area wearing sleek black high heels. No one wanted to discuss that when she landed in Texas and exited the plane she had already changed her footwear to sensible tennis shoes. Lord, forbid the truth is spoken even about something so unimportant. No one in Texas was offended by what the First Lady was wearing. They were simply grateful that she showed up with her husband, unlike the last First Lady.

Haters be damned!! Melania has absolutely no cares whatsoever for anyone who spends more time dogging her amazing fashion sense than doing anything productive for this country, and we love it. Our FLOTUS always exudes the utmost class and self-control in any and all situations regardless of what someone may have to say about her.

On her second trip to storm ravaged areas, First Lady Trump took her first outfit choice to a whole new level of amazing, and we are positive that libs’ brains are popping like balloons in a nail factory! It is refreshing to see a woman stand on her own principles as our First Lady does, even against hundreds of attacks for every move she makes.

Unlike our last excuse for a FLOTUS, Melania just keeps on going. Those heels are gorgeous and seem to be her version of two-middle fingers being held high and proud. Liberals really should have had their butts in trucks full of supplies and aid heading to Texas to actually make a difference instead of trolling the First Lady on social media, but then again that would mean that they would have to work for something, and that is not their forte.

Melania is Heading to Lake Charles Louisiana today, and as a resident of this state I say, “Welcome to our home!”

According to The Truth Division :

First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t give a rip about the opinions of talking heads and mainstream media pundits.

Instead, like her husband, she doubles down.

Earlier this week, the media flung into an outrage upon seeing the First Lady land in Houston, TX wearing stilettos. They wailed for a solid 24-hours before moving back to “Russiagate.”

But, in a return trip to the Lone Star State, Melania donned high-heels again, this time of a snakeskin variety. Take a look:

The response was overwhelmingly supportive:


The toddler mentality of the liberal left is getting really old, and it is extremely comical at this point. Some day soon they will hopefully realize that no one actually cares what their opinion is. Their screeching protests sound like an invasion of locusts on fire, but none of it has even an ounce of merit nor will the things they are demanding ever come to full fruition.

When your biggest complaint is a woman’s shoes while you are screaming for women’s rights, it becomes obvious that your brain was stirred into mush, and you no longer have a clear ability to make any decisions on what this country needs to make it any more equal or peaceful. Please, kindly stick your basement-dwelling heads back into the hole that it has been stuck in for years, and let real Americans continue to do what needs to be done to MAGA.

Your input is ignorant and moronic at best, and absolutely insane at worst. Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder, and should be treated with straight jackets and a lot of medication. I am sure we can replicate your mom’s basement and get plenty of donations for Hot Pockets galore that will keep you in perfect harmony for years to come, if you just promise to never again come out of your troll holes.

Social media should be allowed only for anyone with an IQ above that of a house plant. Intelligence should in fact dictate the use of the internet when it comes to liberals. Maybe we can petition that a mental health-check be mandatory for social media engagement just like they force on conservatives for gun purchases. This could be like a Homeland Security Social Media Testing process. Lord knows we have to do something to keep the stupid from invading all of our lives the way it does daily.

H/T [ The Truth Division ]