HELL YEAH! Condoleeza Rice Just CRUSHED Liberal Snowrlakes Who Want To “Rename” Everything Named By A Slaveowner

It still amazes me how most people can’t seem to connect the dots on how dangerous it is to destroy monuments of historical significance. Everyone has heard the famous saying that “history is doomed to repeat itself”. In my honest opinion, that’s the most accurate statement anyone can suggest. It’s not like what is happening in New Orleans concerning the monument removals hasn’t happened in the past before.

Does Nazi Germany ring any bells?

They systematically began to censor whatever the Nazi party did not agree with. Is this beginning to sound familiar? It is a tactic Democrats have adopted as their own and have had major success with the Millenial generation.

Recently, Condoleezza Rice was interviewed by Fox News and was asked if she, as an African-American woman, wanted to tear down those racist statues or even to rename them if they were connected to slavery. Rice came down hard on the race-baiters, and Rice’s answer is exactly what every American needs to hear.

According to Conservative 101: 

Angry liberals want to destroy anything in history that was said or done by someone who might have been racist. In a Fox News interview, Condoleeza Rice was asked if she, as an African-American woman, wants to tear down statues or rename statues connected to slavery. Rice destroyed the haters.

“I’m a firm believer keep your history before you. So I don’t actually want to rename things that were named after slave owners. I want us to look at the names and recognize what they did and be able to tell our kids what they did and for them to have a sense of their own history,” explained Rice.

“When you start wiping out history, sanitizing history to make you feel better, it’s a bad thing. But let me say one thing about our constitution, that constitution originally counted my answers as 3/5 of a man. In 1952 my father had trouble registering to vote in Birmingham, Alabama,” explained Rice.

“In 2005, I stood in the Ben Franklin room, one of our founders, I took an oath of office to the same constitution, and it was administered by Jewish woman Supreme Court justice. That is the story of America,” said Rice.

“The long road to freedom has indeed been long. It has sometimes been violent. It had many martyrs but ultimately has been Americans claiming those institutions for themselves and expanding the definition of ‘We the People,’ said Rice. Do you think she’s right? Check out the interview below.

Watch Rice’s awesome response here.

Condoleeza Rice is a very educated woman who is not easily duped by reporters or anyone for that matter. She said exactly what was needed to be said and as usual silenced the haters. We need to be educated on our history since there is nothing more important.

How would we not be doomed to repeat our failures if future generations are unable to see the flaws in an outdated system such as slavery? With no education, it becomes a mob mentality and that is the last thing this country needs.

What do you think about Condoleeza’s answer? Do you agree with her and if not why?

H/T Conservative 101