HELL YEAH! Watch As Sean Spicer Rips Liberal Reporters To Shreds During Briefing

The mainstream media has tried like crazy to link Trump, in any way, to Russia. They have even dug back as far as pageants that Trump hosted YEARS ago as well as a few hotels that were sold to Russians. Yet they fail to point out a few very important things about the previous administration and certain, shall we say ‘connections’ that were long ago proven to be way worse than anything Trump could ever have had.

Clearly becoming just as sick of it as the rest of us, Sean Spicer tears into the press when discussions turn to the “Russian connections.” Spicer makes it VERY clear that the press really needs to get their heads out of their rectums and lay accusations where they need to be. Clinton, Obama, and many associates have extremely deep and concerning ties to Russia and Spicer make sure remind the media that at not time did they ever harp on those proven facts.

Watch Spicer rip the press apart:


Mad props for the unwavering stand for truth Sir!! Do you think Spicer faced the media on in a way that will make them think twice?

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H/T [ 100 Percent Fed Up ]