Here’s The Cost Of Trump’s Wall Compared To What Illegals Cost Our Country: UNREAL

While liberals continue to throw temper-tantrums about building a wall along the Mexican border they seem to have missed a few very important facts. This is not a new concept and has already been approved in previous administrations. Though when it comes to the liberal disinformation they cover those facts with half truth’s.

Here are four points they have left out.

#1 – It will only cost roughly $10 billion to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico as President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to do.

#2- The cost to American taxpayers to house, feed, and provide medical care and a “free” public education to illegal aliens is a whopping $113 billion!

#3-  Many American families have been forced to grieve the loss of a loved one because our “leaders” continue to refuse to protect us by enforcing existing federal laws and securing our borders.

#4- 65 other countries have already completed or are in the process of finishing border walls.

For example, the Israeli border is guarded constantly in an effort to thwart terror attacks. India’s border wall includes 2,500 miles of barbed-wire fencing and constant surveillance. The wall in India encompasses Bangladesh and extends to the massive sand berm which separates Morocco from regions of the Western Sahara, which is known to harbor radical rebel fighters.

So why is it that the rest of the world understands border security but the left in America wants to continue to being ignorant fools? True leaders will always protect those they have under their wings and a wall is the first step.

Unless liberals plan on arming themselves to protect this country when terror comes to our shores. If not then they need to sit down and be quiet and allow the adults to make the decisions that will protect us all.

What do you think?

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]