Here’s The DISGUSTING Thing Obama Is Secretly Doing To Cause CHAOS With Trump’s Migrant Ban

While we all celebrated and cheered when the domestic terrorist Barack Hussein Obama vacated the White House earlier this month, unfortunately for us, this asshat is still alive and well and causing problems behind the scenes. In the midst of President Trump’s temporary ban on migrants from 7 terror-ridden hotbeds, liberals have been throwing a massive fit, painting our new president as a Islamophobic bigot, even though we all know his move was to fulfill his promise to make America safe.  As liberals continue to lose their minds, the sick thing that Obama is doing behind the scenes to undermine President Trump is so obnoxious, it will make you absolutely sick.

From his perch more than likely from a golf course somewhere on a tropical island, Obama signaled his support for the massive protests (borderline riots) over President Trump’s immigration ban, in his first major statement since leaving the White House. The word Obama used to describe his glee over the protesting idiots around the nation was that he was “heartened,” as he relayed through a spokesperson about his sentiments of Americans protesting Trump’s migrant ban.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to vomit all over your screen, Obama then went on to spew even more insanity saying that citizens should exercise their rights to assemble, when they see “American values are at stake.”

American values are NOT at stake here. Perhaps YOUR values are at stake, Obama. We all know you’re the daddy of ISIS, as you single-highhandedly put these terrorists into power, while at the same time attempting to flood America with your terrorist kin. So it should come as no surprise that you’re now the main cheerleader for these idiots who are protesting President Trump’s ban, as it’s a way to get more of your Muslim buddies into our country.

Obama is like a hemorrhoid on the ass of America that simply will not go away, despite President Trump’s vow to drain the swamp. We must still remain vigilant as long as this treasonous ass is anywhere close to Washington, because we all know that he has no plans for leaving quite yet, as he’s set up his liberal-headquarters a mere 3 miles away from his former home up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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