Hero Benghazi Survivor Lays Smackdown On Snowflakes After They Protest His Speech

Kris “Tonto” Paronto is an amazing man who has been through the depths of hell the likes of which none of us could fathom, and yet he came out of it to forge a path of amazing activism that would change the world if more people would listen. Unfortunately, liberals got wind of his upcoming attendance at Victoria College in Texas to discuss his activism and his organization, “Leading from the Front.”

Did we think that liberals would let this hero speak without their interference? No, but one could hope.

According to Independent Journal Review :

There have been a lot of protests against speakers on college campuses lately. Earlier in September, activists came out in full force over conservative personality Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of California, Berkeley.

And now, there’s some talk of another possible protest, this time at a Texas college. The school in the alleged crosshairs — Victoria College — plans to have Benghazi survivor and former Army Ranger Kris Paronto speak at their Lyceum Lecture Series on Oct 2.

Paronto posted to his Facebook page about the news of the possible protest:

Independent Journal Review wanted to know the reason someone would oppose the Benghazi survivor making a speech. Paronto shared his thoughts with us and held nothing back in his response.

Paronto explained he thinks part of the reason people might protest is that they believe he’s anti-Muslim, which is completely untrue, as illustrated by what Paronto said next.

He told IJR:

“They don’t know who I am. They don’t know what my background is. Anyone that wants to protest me based on the fact that I am anti-Muslim or anti-Islam is completely ignorant.

I have worked beside Muslims to fight radical Islamists. I’ve protected them in the line of fire.

I did do an operation years ago where we flew into Iraq from another Middle Eastern country, and we rescued a little girl from the heart of terrorist territory, to help her get to a Western country for a vital organ transplant.
I held this little Muslim girl and tried to keep her safe, as her life slipped away from her.”

Paronto continued:

“It’s ignorant and sad that people would attack me for being racist or anti-Islam. Not to mention, they are doing it for the sake of just being able to protest anything because it gives them a spotlight and media attention.

I have nothing but respect for Muslims and the Islamic community. It’s when you turn into a radical Islamist and sympathize with jihadists that I will come at you the other way. You are no longer a Muslim. You are a terrorist.

Whoever is behind it, whether anything comes of it or not, it’s honestly just a show.

It has no basis but to just stir up trouble. There is no cause. You’re protesting someone that supports the Muslim community and wants to bring it together. I’ve empowered Muslims with my organization, Leading from the Front.

If anything knows how to vet out terrorists, it’s the Muslims that I’ve stood with on the battlefield. They’ve shown more patriotism than many people who live here in this country. People who hear me talk are well aware it’s not about being political.”

The Army Ranger brought up Benghazi and the Muslims he fought shoulder-to-shoulder with on a night when death was everywhere.

“That night in Benghazi I stood alongside Muslims who fought with me, and we didn’t kick Muslims out of our compound. We told them we would lay down our lives for them,” Paronto said.

“We had all kinds of people of different ethnicity and background on our team — Mexicans, African Americans, Arabs,” he remarked. “Our interpreter was a Muslim, and he was very brave. He was not a combat interpreter. But he still stood alongside us that night, as part of our team, and as our brother.”

Then, Paronto issued a reality check to anyone planning to protest his speech:

“I realize I’m not for everyone, either. At the same time, I know I’m standing for something right if they do come out. It means I touched a nerve. But what they are really protesting is the sacrifice in service to this great nation and the lives that were lost. Overall, they are protesting patriotism, courage, and brotherhood — things that have made this country what it is today.”

He concluded with, “So I invite them to come hear me talk, come with an open mind — at the very least, then you can see what I am about and hear the full story from me instead of someone with an agenda to shove down your throat.”

Wow, that really says it all.

Tonto has no hate in his heart for anyone, just brutal honesty about a touchy subject. He wants his country safe. Is that really such a terrible thing? I have actually joined his Leading from the Front group, and I follow it as much as I can. More people should check it out.

H/T [ Independent Journal Review ]