High Ranking Obama Official Is Seeking Full Immunity To Tell All About The Former Administration

Not that we are surprised anymore by anyone from the left turning tail when the going gets tough, but it is satisfying when conservatives are vindicated through the lefts snitch actions. Especially when it goes against the constant lies and hypocrisy of the Barack Obama administration.

However, now it seems that Obama’s buddies are not wanting to cover up all the lies for him any longer. According to a recent story that just ran on Angry Patriot Movement, Susan Rice is looking for full immunity to testify against Obama.

Here is more of the story.

The recent firing of former FBI Director James Comey has put many Democrats on notice. Now, the lawyers for another former top official in the Obama administration are seeking immunity for their client.

Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to Obama, is now seeking a way to testify without facing the music herself. Rice’s lawyers have approached the FBI with the idea that Rice, who stands accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on journalists and President Donald Trump, with spill the beans so long as she’s free from a major criminal investigation, via Infowars.

Ever since the scandal has come to light, Rice has tried to avoid the glare of the interrogator’s light. For instance, she refused to testify before the Senate during their investigation into the Russian hacking conspiracy, via CNN.

On other counts, Rice has attempted to clear her own name by giving supposedly candid interviews to “serious” journalists. In each interview, the fact that Rice is a compulsive liar comes through time and time again, via FOX News.

Rice has a reason to be evasive. The House is currently looking into whether or not Rice ordered the NSA to spy on Donald Trump and his team before the inauguration. According to some evidence, all of this was done with foreign intelligence services as cover, via Washington Times.

If convicted, Rice could face serious jail time. With immunity, she may name bigger names than herself.

Now, with Comey gone, the investigation into Rice and her cronies looks likely to continue. One of the major reasons why Rice is seeking immunity now is because without Comey, the FBI no longer serves the the interests of the Democratic Party.

Rice’s testimony could implicate people like Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, or even Obama himself. From the emails that have been leaked by WikiLeaks, it is clear that former AG Lynch tried everything in her power to stop the investigation into Clinton from proceeding too far.

Similarly, the defeated Clinton campaign launched the Russian hacking theory a mere 24 hours after the final election results. This means that they may have been involved in espionage to find evidence for their claims, via Breitbart.

It sure seems that things are unraveling quickly now for Obama. I hope that this means we will get to the bottom of all the lies sooner than later.

Does it tickle you pink to see the tides turning on such a constant basis? Let us know in the comments.

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]