These Highly Disturbing Videos Are Exactly Why Trump Is RIGHT About Muslim Immigrants

The division across the country has reached a fever pitch over the “immigrant crisis” lately. The left desires open borders, illegals and on top of it all an influx of refugees. However, they REFUSE to see the economic and social dangers this poses for America. The only way to get them to pay attention is to actually show them.

There are thousands of videos depicting the disgusting way the refugees are treating the very countries who have already opened their borders to them and now fully regret it. Obama didn’t want these videos shown, but you can’t stop the truth for long no matter how hard one may try.

Calais, France was one of the places thrown into the biggest upheaval since the Muslim exodus from the middle east began. Many countries are now trying to find and remove these refugees so they can begin to put their countries bac kin order. These refugees simply refuse to conform to modern society and these videos demonstrate it perfectly.

Watch in France, Serbia, and Germany as refugees leave behind environmental chaos:

This is why we cannot have open borders. These people do not have the same standards as the rest of modern society. If they want to come into these countries all they have to do is assimilate to the culture.

Sadly, they do not want to that, but to take over and have us assimilate to their way of life. Sorry, but that is not going to happen here.

Please share these eye-opening videos everywhere so that the truth can be revealed.


H/T [ Yes I’m Right ]