Hillary’s Chance To Run In 2020 DESTROYED After This Video Surfaces…See It Before It’s Deleted

Hillary Clinton has never been known for her honesty, and now there is a video circulating on YouTube, published by 11:11 Films, which compiles 13 minutes’ worth of lies Hillary Clinton has told. As of this article, the video has almost 15 million views.

The video starts off with the lie Hillary Clinton told about supporting same sex marriage. Back during the 2004 Presidential debate, Hillary said she has always been in favor of same- sex marriage, but the video clearly shows that this isn’t the case. In 2002 in an interview with Chris Matthews, Hillary clearly states she is against same-sex marriage. Hillary declared in front of the Senate again that she felt marriage is a “sacred bond between a man and a woman” yet, Hillary says she has always been consistent on issues. Consistent on lying, yes–telling the truth not so much. Again in 2010, she stated, “I have not supported same-sex marriage; I have supported civil partnerships and contractual relationships.” Then in 2013 when it looked like she would be running for President of the United States, she changed her tune and was all of a sudden in favor of same-sex marriage.

You can watch the video here.

Then there is Hillary Clinton’s fight for progressive values which CNN’s anchor Anderson Cooper calls her out on, with him claiming she changes her tune depending who Hillary is speaking too. Of course, Hillary denies this and again claims she is consistent with the values and words she espouses. At this point in the video, it is clear if one didn’t already know, that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.

The most current lie Hillary Clinton has told surround her mishandling of classified material. On multiple occasions, she claimed that she did not send or receive classified information on an unsecured server which has been established as a lie. Further, Hillary Clinton claimed that in a total of the 60,000 emails in question, 30,000 of those emails were of a personal nature. However, when she was answering some of Trey Gowdy’s questions, she claimed that 95% of her emails were in the State Department system. Either Hillary Clinton is really bad at math or she is lying again. Trey Gowdy, known for his fact checking, cites an Inspector General report that found less than 1% was captured. The debacle surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails is the biggest political scandal of our day, yet neither Hillary Clinton nor anyone connected to her has been held accountable for their crimes and lies.

As if lying about same-sex marriage, her non-existent progressive values, and her emails weren’t enough, Hillary Clinton would have us believe that she fought against the corporate greed of Wallstreet with her declaring to Senator Bernie Sanders during a debate that she told Wallstreet executives to, “cut it out,” and I’m sure this was an effective argument. Yet, there is video proof of Hillary Clinton laying the blame of the recent housing crisis at the feet of home buyers and not the predatory lenders she claimed to have stood up to. Adding fuel to the fire, during the same Presidential debate Hillary Clinton did with Bernie Sanders, she goes on to chastise Lehman Brothers and others for their deceptive and unsavory business practices. However, according to available records, Lehman Brothers, along with Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and J.P. Morgan Chase, all were top contributors to then Senator Hillary Clinton. It’s also worth noting here that in its beginnings, JP Morgan Chase actually dealt in the slave trade, accepting slaves as collateral for loans they gave to southern plantations.

Probably the most offensive lie documented in this 13-minute video is Hillary Clinton lying about being under sniper fire when she visited Bosnia. Clinton stated of the visit that when they landed they were under sniper fire. In rare form, the mainstream media called out Hillary Clinton on this, and her response was, “I made a mistake when describing it.”  In addition to being horrible at math, it seems Hillary Clinton was confused about what sniper fire is. This lie is a slap in the face to every military service member who has actually faced combat. Hillary lied about it to score political points, and it blew up in her face.

Should Hillary Clinton decide to run for President of the United States in 2020, President Trump is not going to have to look very far for material to tank her campaign fast. And to think this is the best the Democrats could come up with for a Presidential candidate, who also happened to be under FBI investigation while she was seeking office. These lies have caught up with Hillary Clinton, and thankfully, Donald Trump put an end to her political career.

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