HOLY CRAP! Trump Just Caught The Insiders Who Leaked SECRET Info To The Liberal Media—Look Who They Work For!

Every day there is another leak springing from the White House. It seems that every which way Trump turns there is another controversy ready to explode. Of course, we all know that the left has everything to do with this, but catching which piss ants were responsible was a different story. Well, it looks like Trump has been able to finally catch them, and it leads right where we expected.

Joseph diGenova was the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia during the Reagan administration, and he had something to say about the recent leaks. diGenova spoke to Lifezette, (A conservative website), and said that FBI officials know exactly who is behind the leaks of classified information. And if you guessed Obama and his former staff members you are right on the money.

Former Obama staff members left a trail of breadcrumbs for anyone who wanted to undermine Trump’s administration. Obama and his loyalists knew that Trump would dismantle his “legacy” and they needed to stop it. The ongoing leaks prove that there are leftist loyalists in the White House that are acting at Obama’s behest.

“[This] confirms former Obama administration officials are in fact disclosing and discussing classified information with the press,” said diGenova.

The left is still royally pissed that Hillary Clinton lost the election, and blame the damaging emails WikiLeaks released. The left still pushes a false narrative that it was Russian hackers, even though that assertion has been proven wrong.

Obama is pissed since Hillary was to be his third term in the White House and continue his destructive policies. Now, Obama and his loyal minions are watching his legacy being ripped apart every day, and they cannot allow that to happen.

These leaks show a clear connection between Barack Obama and the entrenched employees. It is unbelievable to me that just because they do not like the Trump they are willing to sacrifice the entire nation’s security.

However, this is the left and they do not make sense whatsoever, to begin with. I hope that Trump fires them all and starts fresh since that is the only way to stop it.

What do you think?

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