Honor killings: The Part Of Trump’s Executive Order Liberals Are FRANTIC To Keep Buried

The left has been in quite the tizzy for the last few days, and have been ever since Donald Trump was elected president. Ever since President Trump placed a temporary ban on countries that have ties to terrorist’s liberals have been in a state of madness. These SJW’s have taken to protests at airports around the country to show their disdain for the current administration’s order. However, in their attempt to show the world their importance and their perceived injustice of this order, they have missed one thing.

President Trump is in the business of keeping America safe, and he is off to a great start. This travel ban is just one way to ensure that who is coming into this America is who they say they are. That seems to be a pretty straight-forward, but leave it to the left to miss the point. Not only is Trump wanting to properly vet these individuals, but he is also releasing more information regarding honor killings and other gender-based acts of violence committed against women by immigrants in the country.

According to BizPac Review:

Trump ordered DHS to track and publicly release data on gender-based violence against women committed by foreign nationals every six months, and to produce numbers on foreign nationals in the country charged with or convicted of terror-related offenses. The command was part of an order suspending all refugee entry into the country for 120 days.

The goal of the data collection and its public release, according to the executive order, is to “be more transparent with the American people” regarding what the government knows about foreign nationals in the country, and to “more effectively implement policies and practices that serve the national interest.”

Trump wants to be more transparent with the American people by giving them information. What a monster! (sarcasm implied)

In this order, Trump wants the DHS secretary to consult with the attorney general and then release the information within 180 days from Friday and every 180 days after. The order requires DHS to release information on these three points, the number of foreign nationals charged with or convicted of a terror-related offense, the number of foreign nationals removed from the country on terror or national security grounds, and information regarding the types of gender-based violence against women committed by foreign nationals, and the number of violent acts committed.

Doesn’t that sound like information the American people should know?

This is not an order to harm anyone, but to protect those that live here and those who want to make America their home. It really is that simple, and I feel safer already with Trump in charge, what about you?

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