Illegal Brags About How She Screws Over Americans, Gets SHREDDED Moments Later

How many of you saw the viral post that showed an ILLEGAL immigrant and her filed taxes? In the post, this illegal brags that she paid $300 in her state taxes. The woman in the video seemed pretty proud of herself, didn’t she?

This one to be exact:

Well…along came this gentleman who has some VERY interesting points to make.

Check it out:


It’s funny how when they try to justify their residency (as illegal as it is) they still manage to come out looking like the fools they are. Let’s just call a spade a spade, they are all CRIMINALS. At some point, these idiots will hopefully catch on to the fact that they are all being played by Democrats.

This girl does not understand that she is not a legal citizen. Just because she paid “taxes” does not negate a thing. Also, for her to be so arrogant as to call President Trump out is equally absurd. These leftist will do anything to make people who are breaking the law the victims. But, that is exactly how the left operates.

The rest of us will continue to expose the ridiculous nature of liberals and illegal immigrants.  Let us know what you think of this illegals ‘taxes’ in the comments!

H/T [ Chicks On The Right ]