What an Illegal Did To a Child Was ‘So Vile’ This Liberal Woman Has Switched Her Views On Immigration!

Our country is a cyclone of insane these days. When it takes the rape of a child for bleeding heart liberals to grasp the full meaning of the illegal immigrants and their effect on our country we really have to start considering the mental state of these people! Who in their right mind needs a situation like that to happen in front of them for them to see the damage being caused all around us? Liberals apparently, and not very bright ones at that.

Check out this “concerned grandmother” and her sudden bailing on the liberal lifestyle.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Montgomery, MD – A woman was interviewed at Rockville High School where a 14 year old girl was brutally gang raped by immigrants, one being here illegally. She said the incident changed her attitude.

It took an innocent girl being brutally raped by an illegal alien to wake up this liberal. Sad!

Concerned Grandmother:

“Now I uh changed my position. I was against money..I thought the public schools should get all the dollars…now I’m thinking maybe people should be able to take their money and go to school wherever they want because this changed my mind about a lot of my attitudes… …you know as a former bleeding heart liberal…um yeah so I feel differently now.”

Not everybody was shaken about this gang rape. The Superintendent of the school dug in his heels and worshiped the golden calf of liberalism calling the brutal rape an ‘event’ and said, ‘We’re not going to let this change how we feel about immigrants’.

Seriousy people? This is what it takes? If it is we are in for trouble because the liberal agenda is one of staunch support of illegals as well as the refugee program which is rife with criminals, terrorists, and mad men who have all stated many times that the west MUST DIE! Wake up America and try to do so before any more of our children are hurt.

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]