Insider Just Revealed Hillary’s Sickening Plan: It’s Really Happening!

 Hillary Clinton has had six months to brew on her second failed Presidential run and you better believe she has taken every second to analyze what went wrong and find a way to pin the blame on anyone but herself.
Who can blame her though?

It’s pretty embarrassing to lose TWO Presidential elections while at the same time being made out as the butt of jokes across the entertainment world. It was all good and fun for a while and we all assumed that would be the end of it, but by the looks of it, she may be gearing up for a third Presidential bid in 2020 to face off against her arch rival. As horrifying as it sounds, all signs are pointing that Hill-Dog is planning just that.

According to Truth Monitor:

It’s only been a few months since Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency for the second time. Now, experts are already predicting that she will run for president for a third time in 2020.

Clinton has spent the past few months blaming everyone she can for her loss to Donald Trump. In a new piece for the New York Post, Michael Goodwin says that this is a strong indication that she has another presidential run already in the works.

After weeks of inching her way back, she gave an interview last week at a Women for Women event. Her explanation for why she lost shows that the new Hillary is the same as the old Hillary,” Goodwin wrote. “Full of finger-pointing and excuses, she was, as usual, devoid of any concession about her own shortcomings. She has shifted the entire email scandal, which she created by deciding to use a private server and lying about it to the public, to the shoulders of Russian hackers and FBI Director Jim Comey. To hear her tell it, she was an innocent victim of their skulduggery.”

“None of her spiel is new or different, and it leads me to conclude she has an unhealthy fixation on an election do-over,” Goodwin later added. “As improbable as it seems, I believe she wants to co-opt the Trump resistance and make it her base for a potential 2020 run.”

“Look at it this way: What are the chances Clinton is going back to battle to help elect Cory Booker or Andrew Cuomo in 2020? Zero and none,” he continued. “Raising and controlling money is Step One to her comeback, a step the Clintons have mastered. A Democratic operative once described them this way: ‘Fish gotta swim, and the Clintons gotta raise money.’”

Hillary is far too proud to endorse anyone else as long as she still breathes. It has been that woman’s goal in life to become the most powerful woman in the world. Someone like that is extremely dangerous and next time she won’t have anything to lose. That makes her even more dangerous. We better hope that the American people have wised up to her shenanigans and steer clear of the witch.

What do you think? Will Hillary run for the third time?

H/T [ Truth Monitor ]