Is Chelsea Clinton Attention Starved Or Just Plain Stupid? Her Latest Tirade Has Many Questioning Her Sanity

Chelsea Clinton seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to blatant stupidity and being out of touch with the common citizens of the United States. Last Saturday, Chelsea Clinton put on a full display how obtuse she really is, and how she seemingly has issues with basic reading comprehension. Funny, since she just came out with a children’s book for which she is being accused of plagiarism.

So last week after President Trump visited Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, @ABCPolitics tweeted out @POTUS at Houston relief center: “As tough as this was, response has been a wonderful think I think, even for the country to watch.” President Trump was, of course, talking about how Americans of all races, religions, and political backgrounds were coming together in Texas to help one another. Poor Chelsea Clinton thought President Trump was saying that Hurricane Harvey was a wonderful thing, and she tweeted out, “People lost their lives, loved one, homes, beloved pets  Many thousands of people face uncertain futures. Our President on #Harvey:” Adding insult to the stupidity, Chelsea Clinton’s tweet got over 37,000 likes and was re-tweeted over 17,000 times.

Naturally, the Twitterverse tore her to shreds and pointed out how stupid she was for assuming that President Trump thought Hurricane Harvey was a wonderful thing to happen. One very astute person pointed out, “You know he’s talking about how wonderful it’s been to c people come together to help one another but keep going with your hateful narrative”  Other Twitter users were a bit craftier with their responses to Chelsea Clinton. One in particular referenced the time former President Obama visited him after Hurricane Sandy. “Do you know how many times Obama visited me after Sandy? Hint, it’s the same as the number of penises a woman is supposed to have.

Adding to the level of stupidity, the mainstream media for their part were still trying to go with their mantra of an ongoing race war in the United States. However, it was apparent that the multitude of people coming together from various backgrounds and different skin colors were proving this to be false. Liberals and the political elites were losing their minds over pictures and scenes like the one below.

Since President Trump has been in office, liberals like Chelsea Clinton and those in the political elite have participated in a constant barrage of insults and stupidity directed at President Trump and his supporters. These so-called smart people who have been financing hate groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States. Even more infuriating to them is that now in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey many who were Democrats and voted for Hillary Clinton have now stated their opinion of President Trump has changed, and they are supporting him.

Chelsea Clinton’s tweet is representative of how hateful and stupid the left really is. They claim to be tolerant, inclusive, and all compassionate, unless of course, you disagree with their views. In that case, you are branded a racist and a Nazi. The left-wingers and the political elite do not want people coming together despite differences. They want chaos, hatred, and riots in the streets. Just look at what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the Governor of that state allowed a war in the streets to occur causing the death of an innocent girl and getting countless others injured.

Thankfully, the wonderful acts of kindness taking place in Texas with people coming together to help is countering the claim that white people are on one side, and everyone else is on the other. Texans, and those coming from all across America to help show what America is really all about. Those on the fanatical left and right wish to create death and destruction, but true Americans and conservatives are daily fightings against this, using their positive action and kindness toward their fellow man.

Hopefully, Chelsea Clinton and her horde of liberal minions will realize, along with those in all hate groups, that truly tolerant Americans will no longer stand for their hatred, nonsense, or stupidity.

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