BREAKING: Las Vegas Case Busted Wide Open After ISIS Proves Shooter Was One Of Them

Many reports have been put out about the man who murdered 58 people in cold blood in Las Vegas, and many of these reports are contradictory even from authorities. The one thing that is consistent however is the continual claims of ISIS that Steven Paddock was converted, and did in fact commit this heinous act in the name of the Islamic State. Now, ISIS is claiming to have his pledge video in their possession.

While that specific video is nowhere to be found as of yet, it still lays credence to the theory that Paddock was a converted jihadist. Numerous authority figures have stated that they can not call the attack of the concert goers “terrorism,” but we call it like we see it. Nothing leads to any other motive that makes sense, and ISIS is sticking to their guns.

Some news sites have recently reported that the shooter’s home was also recently burglarized, and that will lead to many more assumptions when further evidence either isn’t revealed or is claimed to have somehow gone missing as happens quite often in these cases.

According to The Gateway Pundit :

Last week ISIS responsibility for the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas attack that left 58 Americans dead and over 500 more injured.
The Islamic State tripled down on the claim later in the week in their al-Nabu weekly newsletter.

On Tuesday Rukmini Callimachi, a terror expert who has studied the Islamic State for years, believes Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock may have been a jihadist.

Now this…

An Islamist Twitter account that was created in October claims ISIS has video of the Las Vegas shooter.

“Amaq Agency has prepared the video already.”

This was posted on Tuesday October 10th.

This same account posted this last week after the Vegas massacre.

If ISIS does in fact have a video of Steven Paddock pledging his unwavering allegiance to Islam, then our federal authorities will have a lot of explaining to do not only to We the People, but to the families of those who lost loved ones that horrible night. Enough has happened in this country that is tearing us all apart that lying about converted terrorists is the last thing that should be happening. It is NOT in anyone’s best interest to keep these facts from us.

The FBI has dirty hands as it is and will only be causing more tension among the American people by continuing to cover up attacks on us such as this one. The ABC groups all too often think the citizenry of our great country is clueless to any and all crime analysis and evidence gathering, and they have been proven wrong time and time again. If they do not release truthful and accurate information soon, it is sure that there are many people out there who will find it and report it.

We have been played as fools for long enough. If ISIS is this adamant that Paddock was their guy, then there really isn’t any reason not to believe them. They may be the scum of the earth, but they have never taken claim to this extent and fervor for anything that wasn’t part of their world-wide jihad agenda, so why would they start now? Why go to the extent of creating documents and media reports from their own networks stating he was theirs, not to mention the trouble of claiming there was a pledge video?

ISIS has no shame and has no reason to lie about it other than to attempt to scare the American people, but the American people are scared of attacks either way. Steven Paddock was radicalized by someone. Period. The first reports from the Sheriff’s department in Nevada even stated that he was radicalized, and then it was never said again. As if they misspoke and needed to fix it all.

A terrorist is a terrorist, and if this ISIS video ever surfaces before authorities come clean, this country will erupt at the injustice and constant lies by the ABC agencies. We truly have had enough. If ISIS wants to claim him, then let them, but be upfront so we know what we are facing. The liberal left doesn’t need any more help with cover ups.

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]