ISIS Threatens To BEHEAD Trump After What They See Hanging At GITMO

Muslims world wide are coming to grips with the harsh reality that there’s a new sheriff in town. We all know how much Barack Obama loved Muslim terrorists, as evidenced by his determination to arm Iran with nukes, and dumping out GITMO terrorists on almost a weekly basis. But right after President Trump began enacting his policies and a picture of him went up at GITMO, ISIS terrorists immediately began verbalizing their displeasure with our new president, threatening to behead him.

This is President Trump’s first week in office and already he’s taking a sledge hammer to Obama’s treasonous policies and fulfilling his promise to “drain the swamp.” In addition to banning immigrants from 7 terror-ridden countries and then looking into another executive order that would label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, President Trump’s picture went up this week at GITMO as a friendly little reminder that he’s coming after these imprisoned terrorists’ buddies, and will soon be f****** up their day.  But now ISIS is lashing out in a huge way, threatening to do the unthinkable to our new president if given half a chance.

ISIS terrorist held a mock execution of President Trump, where they took their barbaric weapons to the neck of a Donald lookalike dummy and recorded a video, which was then circulated all around western Mosul.

“By beheading Trump dummy, the ISIS conveys some messages to Washington, especially as the members chanted ‘we’ll come to behead you’ during this event,” According to a Farsi report by Al-Alam.

That’s cute, ISIS. If you’re going to assassinate our president, you’ll first have to get past our new Defense Secretary, “Mad Dog” Mattis. And despite how badass you think you are, at the end of the day, you’re still 6th century inbred morons.

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