Israel Just Came To The Rescue For Hurricane Victims With Gift That Has Obummer Fuming

Obama did everything he could think of during his eight-year reign of terror and division to destroy our alliance with Israel, and it almost worked. What even the wanna-be tyrannical “King” couldn’t possibly have prepared for is President Trump and natural disasters culminating in such a way that Israel is fully back on track with rebuilding trust and reaching our in support of Jewish Americans.

Israel has donated $1 million to try and help their brothers and sisters in Texas rebuild the many synagogues and a Jewish community center that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey.

It is amazing to watch as people world-wide have a complete turn-around of support simply by getting rid of Obama and bringing in President Trump. This is happening even though our liberal population is doing it’s damnedest to destroy all that Trump and the right are trying to accomplish within America, or on foreign relationship fronts.

According to US Herald :

Israel has just pledged $1 million to help Houston’s Jewish community rebuild after the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey.

“Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett says in a statement that the funds will be earmarked to help the 60,000-strong community repair and rebuild schools, synagogues and a community center damaged in the storm and floods,” according to Fox 32 Chicago.

“For years the Jewish communities stood by Israel when it needed their help; now it is our turn to stand by Houston’s Jewish community,” Bennett said in the statement.

A million seems to be the magic number for hurricane-ravaged Texas. President Donald Trump recently pledged $1 million of his own money to aid recovery efforts throughout the state.

The Category 5 storm caused tens of billions in damage, displacing over a million residents and leaving many communities without water or electricity.

Israel’s generosity might be considered unusual after former President Barack Obama’s “back-stabbed” America’s ally in December by refusing to veto a UN resolution that condemned Israel’s settlements on the West bank.

With Trump as president, things have certainly changed.

Texas reminded us and showed us that this supposed division that MSM and the left want you to see and believe in is in fact not as prominent as we all may have thought. The same goes for the supposed division on the world-wide front that Obama tried to portray for so many years.

Natural disasters are terrible and heartbreaking things that no one can control or stop, but what is reassuring for humanity is to watch how millions come together regardless of how much they may have thought they hated each other just the day before. Color, creed, religion, political ideology all falls to the wayside when our natural inclination to be compassionate and caring surfaces.

Obama clearly doesn’t have even an ounce of true humanity in him as proven by his pathetic outreach to Texas in the form of nothing more than a sad little tweet. Not that anyone should have expected more from the dictator. Just like the floods of 2016 in Louisiana, he always seems to be a day late, a dollar short, and a golf game away from actually caring about anyone but himself.

It is clear that Obama would probably sell his family to the highest bidder if it would gain him a few bucks and possibly create a situation of world destruction where he can claim he “tried to stop it.”

Nothing is more revealing than how one reacts to a situation of life or death of our fellow man, and Trump didn’t wait around to worry about how safe it was in Texas for him. Our President and his wife hit the runway almost immediately, and then returned to hand out food. I don’t remember seeing Obama pass out supplies in Louisiana in 2016, and I sure don’t remember ever seeing Michelle show up anywhere that would require her to lift something heavier than a wine glass.

Let those actions speak for why Israel has decided to reach a helping hand out to their American brothers and sisters in Texas. Trust and support has been renewed through renewed mutual respect that was fading quickly under Obama. I would love to be a mouse in the Obama household just long enough to see the kind of temper tantrum Barry is throwing while he watches the destruction he caused repair itself so quickly.

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