JUST IN: Crowd In Poland Gathers To Hear President Trump Speak, And Their Reaction Is Not What You Would Think

On President Trump’s recent visit to Poland, he and the First Lady were welcomed by a crowd of thousands who were CHEERING! That’s right folks, cheering on our country and our President. For so many years other countries had a lackluster and distrustful reception to us while Obama was in office, so this kind of a reception should tell you all you need to know about the new President. The world is even in agreement with our choice and that is amazing!

The First couple looked stunned when the chanting started and then the most beautiful and heartfelt smiles broke out on their faces. Truly a turning point for this country as far as I am concerned. We will keep pushing and fighting to maintain the right path and I believe the rest of the world is very much aware of that. Who leads us makes a huge difference on the world stage when it comes to many different things such as trade and economy. I feel a sudden rush daily when I see all the evidence of how much we are truly and finally winning, it’s HUGE!!!

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Thousands of Polish citizens gathered in Krasinski Square in Warsaw, Poland Thursday to see the 45th president of the United States and his beautiful wife Melania. The Polish crowd started chanting, “Donald Trump!” and “USA! USA!” before Melania introduced her husband President Donald Trump.

This was an amazing event for the president and his wife. The Polish crowds could not have been more enthusiastic. Melania Trump opened for her husband and was fantastic. What a magnificent First Lady. What a terrific crowd on a beautiful day in Warsaw.

This is an amazing video full of the American spirit and values that we all seek to revive in our country and to see the Polish people agree on every fundamental bit of it is heartwarming. MAGA takes on a whole new meaning when we start seeing videos and actions like this, and I for one, feel such an amazing spirit of unity and trust being built back up that I feel a little less weighed down by the burdens of the insane societal changes that the left wants us all to undergo.

We will restore this beautiful country back to all of its former glory once again and we will do it with pride, respect, and one hell of an amazing President at the helm. My suggestion to those that don’t like it is to start packing and looking for a third world country of their preferred choice because AMERICA is on a roll and we don’t have time for the haters trying to dismantle all the good that is being done. Trust me, you can feel free to leave at any time, and don’t worry, that travel ban won’t hold you back.

Is anyone tired of winning yet? I sure as hell am NOT! Move over liberals and make way for awesomeness!


H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]