JUST IN: Ivanka Trump Targeted By Armed Man With Knives In Trump Tower–This Is Out Of Control

Ivanka Trump has dealt with her fair share of lunatics throughout her lifetime but this latest attack attempted on her is one she won’t soon forget. Aside from the ramblings of the 52-year-old man that recently tried to enter Trump Towers armed with throwing knives, a fake I.D., and a bullet proof vest, there seems to be no clear or logical motive behind Adames Benitez’s attempted assassination of Ivanka.

As if the constant protests and verbal bashings of the liberal left aren’t enough now there are men trying to kill her and we can only assume it is either because of who her father is or because this man was obsessed with Ivanka and his “love” turned to rage as so often happens in a stalking situation.

According to New York Daily News:

A Bronx man tried to get into Trump Tower to see first daughter Ivanka Trump Thursday, but was stopped by Secret Service agents who noticed he was wearing a bulletproof vest, police said. Benitez had throwing knives on his person, authorities said.

Adames Benitez, 52, had the ballistic gear on under his shirt when he arrived at the Midtown building around 4 p.m., cops said. He told the agents he was a U.S. senator there to talk to Ivanka Trump about her dress line, and that he owned the building, police said.

A quick search revealed that Benitez was carrying two throwing knives, a weighted sock and a fake New York State I.D. card, authorities said. White House adviser Ivanka Trump tries to ‘stay out of politics’ He was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation, cops said. He is charged with weapons possession and having a bogus ID.

Thankfully Secret Service noticed the vest and became alarmed. Lord knows what would have happened had he not been stopped in time. I predict that this man will be found to be a registered democrat that went completely off his rocker during the election as so many have and this is his motivation.

The left is proving to be more and more certifiable daily so it won’t be a surprise if we find that this is what actually happened. There is no mention of the children and it appears as if Ivanka wasn’t even aware of the planned attempt on her life during the actual incident which is probably for the best.

Let’s hope this man gets the help he so clearly needs regardless of his motive, and that he is kept locked up in jail or an institution for as long as it takes for him to get the help he so clearly needs. These cases can go from easily stopped to horrible tragedies in the blink of an eye and all it takes is for one person to not be vigilant as they should be. The world is becoming a very scary place and this is exactly why so many of us on the conservative side call for everyone to arm themselves for personal protection.

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