JUST IN: Here Is What The James Comey “Memo” Actually Turned Out To Be

By now surely you have heard about former FBI director James Comey and his damning memos on Donald Trump. Democrats are foaming at the mouth to get Donald Trump out of office and it has been that way since the moment he announced his candidacy. It has been a witch hunt since the beginning and Democrats have been throwing whatever they can in hopes that it sticks.

The truth is democrats don’t have anything on the President that is worthy of impeachment. Their strategy this whole time has been to play on the American people’s emotions and fears by making up bogus accusations in hopes that everyone will just believe them because the government is always honest right? Well just like every other negative story on Trump, it turns out that the story about Comey’s “memo” is false. Pat Dollard reported recently that Michael Schmidt, the original NYT “journalist” who covered the story, never actually saw the memo! During an interview with Brian Williams, you can watch him sputter and stumble as he tries to get his message out.

According to The Angry Patriot Movement:

According to Schmidt, the memo was written down by Comey after he took a meeting with the President. As it would turn out, the note was apparently read to him over the phone. Schmidt READ the memo, but couldn’t remember exactly what it said. That’s the story he’s really going with. Awful.

You can tell from the above account of events that Schmidt has no idea what’s going on. He can’t even keep his own story straight. At the end of the interview, he stated that he was “COMFORTABLE” with his sources! Really now?

If you’re not capable of telling a story without spitting and sputtering over every sentence, you shouldn’t expect anyone to believe you. We know exactly what’s going on here.

This is just another liberal attempt to shut down Trump in any way possible. Liberals make up these fake news stories, and the mainstream media runs with them as if they were fact. Luckily, we know better.

Think about the timing here, and you can tell that something isn’t right. If there were some magnificent cover-up, why would the FBI wait to release the information? Wouldn’t that be something they’d announce right away?

Of course, they’re going to keep their mouths shut. They made the whole story up. The media will do everything it can to trick people, but it won’t work. We have to wonder — would the left be acting this way if their Goddess Hillary made it into office? Spoiler alert: OF COURSE THEY WOULDN’T! They would worship the ground she walked on unquestioningly.

There’s nothing wrong with fair and accurate reporting. But this is neither fair nor accurate. It’s all a plot to discredit Trump — the left are upset that they didn’t get their way. It’s about time for them to GROW UP and take responsibility. Our country depends on hard-working patriots who want to see us move forward. These whiney snowflakes that have made their way into the political system are causing nothing but problems.

As I stated before, the democrats are extremely desperate right now. The longer Donald Trump stays in office, there is a major risk that people will start seeing the positive results. That can’t happen and they know it. Democrats are desperate and they know it’s just a matter of time until the truth comes out. As American patriots, this should outrage us all. They would rather see this country burn than work with Donald Trump.

What do you think?

H/T Angry Patriot Movement