JUST IN: Newly Discovered Evidence Proves That Michael Flynn Was Being Railroaded By Acting FBI Director

It often comes as no surprise to find out that one of the good guys was railroaded by one of the bad guys but that seems to be exactly what happened in the Flynn/McCabe saga in Washington. It is apparent that Andrew McCabe has an ax to grind and it can be proven by a past case involving Michael Flynn. By all accounts, Flynn is a great guy who is an Army hero and a staunch supporter of President Trump.

Which as we know is a big no-no to these liberal rats hiding in the government.

As it turns out, the attack against Flynn was as we all an orchestrated attack and now we have the information to prove it.

According to Angry American Patriot:

Michael Flynn is a hero and a dedicated Army legend who understands the threat of radical Islam. He was a staunch supporter of President Trump early on. Unfortunately, he fell victim to the vindictive Deep State and had to resign from his position as National Security Advisor.

New evidence, via Circa, confirms what we patriots have known all along. Flynn’s fall was carefully orchestrated by enemies in the unelected Washington establishment. Bitter FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe brought down Flynn in the act of political revenge! Flynn is innocent!

McCabe was out to get Flynn due to his involvement in a sexual discrimination case leveled against the FBI Deputy Director by one of the bureau’s top anti-terror agents. Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz was highly respected in the FBI. Her counter-terrorism work was praised by all her colleagues. During her time, she tracked down terrorists, rescued hostages, and was even on the case to find the disappeared agent Robert Levinson in Iran. Her prestigious career was cut short by the conniving of Andrew McCabe, who recently has been the force behind the Russia probes into the Trump administration.

McCabe is one of the biggest puppets the Deep State has it its disposal. Gritz went to work under McCabe in 2012. Under him, she began receiving negative reviews for the first time in her career. Eventually, the truth came out: this was a case of sexual discrimination. McCabe was doing all he could to sabotage Gritz–including tarnishing her reputation. Eventually, Gritz’s case went national. She became the central figure on a media exposé into harassment and discrimination in the FBI.


McCabe is nothing more than one of the rats on a sinking ship and we need to keep putting holes in that ship if we are going to continue to save our country.

This was a set up from the word go and Michael Flynn is as innocent as they come! This attack by McCabe is a coward with a vendetta and will continue to utilize the Deep State for his own personal revenge against anyone who has ever slighted him. Pretty disgusting to think that unelected has-beens have the ability to ramp up investigations based on lies and leaks for their own personal gains, but it is happening every single day.

We The People have to stand up and let it be known that we are more than aware of what they are doing in their efforts to attack the President and anyone that is put in a place of power by him!


H/T [ Angry American Patriot ]