JUST IN: If You Were Planning On Attending The Houston Rally On Saturday You Need To READ This FIRST

As a Patriot, I find it disgusting and disheartening to find out that a fake protest to have a monument removed was actually created by someone on the right to “identify and out” Antifa members and the counter-protest event was also faked to garner donations for personal gain. The two men that created the Sam Houston Removal event for Saturday, July, 10th have potentially endangered good people on the right by falsifying a rally of such controversy. They have also monetarily hurt many that have spent or will be spending hard earned money to get to Houston to protect the monument.

People are concerned with preserving history, and their love and passion for this country were just exploited by two men claiming to be on our side! They created a threat where one never existed, and in the heated and chaotic times we live in that could have become extremely deadly to so many lives. Not to mention the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome it will likely cause the next time that someone truly tries to defend our history and gets ignored due to the lies of a few.

Via Texian Partisan:

Around 8:30 last night, we received a message from a man calling himself Eric, claiming to be the creator of the “Texas Antifa” Facebook page. In the initial salvo of messages, he admitted that the page is a “satire,” and produced proof that he is indeed an administrator of the page. He also claimed that his motive for creating the page was to identify and out Antifa supporters, piercing their veil of anonymity.

“I list every Antifa member I find on a few of the homeland and local gov pages I have.” When pressed for connections that he might have with the creators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, he seemed reluctant to discuss that aspect of it and refused to comment further. However, by mining his Facebook profile we were able to make some interesting connections including multiple connections to some leaders of Open Carry Texas and a man named Brandon Burkhart, who also has been known to go by the alias of Brandon Hewitt.

Brandon Burkhart is one of the administrators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, which was set up to coordinate the counter protest against Antifa. Additionally, someone using the name “Brandon Hewitt” is also listed as organizing the GoFundMe for the counter protest, which has raised close to $4000. Burkhart has an extensive criminal record. In further conversations with Eric, he feels that, through the sham site, he may have enticed some actual Antifa protesters to show to the June 10th event. However, this seems unlikely as Antifa groups, especially the one in Houston, have called this a hoax and are telling their supporters to avoid the area.

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There are wolves among us that use our movement to lie their pockets and supply their egos and this is a travesty that I am sure will be investigated fully under the Texas Penal Code for fraud. This is why Patriots can not seem to gain any ground anymore and we have to put a stop to actions like this in our name. We have all been made to look like fools.


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