JUST IN: President Trump Is Preparing The War Room

It is highly disturbing to me that the rhetoric surrounding the supposed Russian Scandal sounds an awful lot like EXACTLY what Hillary did. In many instances, as well as the actions Obama himself, took when it came to having discussions with foreign bodies. Is it possible that the left is doing nothing more than taking it’s very own playbook and renaming it to make Trump look bad? That would make perfect sense when you add in how the left is demanding impeachment. 

So Kushner asked for a “secret channel for discussions with the Kremlin?” And? What would you like for them to do, use SnapChat? Think about this people, if they have open and unrestricted lines to discuss foreign policy with ANY foreign leader they become open to MORE leaks and hacking and proven by Hillary with her ‘private servers.” This whole fiasco seems an awful lot like a set up to me, and I am sure you feel the same way.

If I know one thing about Trump, however, this extension of legal and media battling will not sway nor distract him from the set forth goals he has for the betterment of our country.

Trump is highly educated unlike previous Presidents and knows exactly when and how to handoff things that can be dealt with by lawyers and staff so he can maintain focus in the right manner, which is EXACTLY what he is doing per the ‘prepping his war-room.’

‘NBC News reported: According to the Washington Post, the White House is looking to go on the offensive after weeks of revelations that have undermined the administration’s credibility.’

Watch the video here.

Once again, as seen in the above video, the mainstream media is building up and overpromoting the bs rhetoric surrounding this entire situation. Which is what they do best. Soon the left will be screaming that there is a secret agreement between Russian and Trump to destroy the planet.

When in all reality the investigation is only meant to concern the time frame of the presidential campaign, NOT how America and Russia are now dealing with each other as ALLIED COUNTRIES. Morons abound and we should be free to lock them up for inciting ignorance!

Have we really become so easily led to such abhorrent ignorance that we suddenly do not understand how the political aspect of allies works? The left has maybe, but those of us free-thinkers on the right need to batten down and double up on the truth to combat this insane narrative that a ‘secret channel’ somehow means anything other than common practice to protect sensitive discussions over lines of communication that are clearly necessary to keep secure.

What do you think it all really means, and does it truly matter in the long run? Or will the media and the left fizzle down when it continues to be apparent that this is nothing but a distracting witch-hunt?


H/T [ Red State Watcher ]