JUST IN: President Trump Strikes HUGE Deal With Saudis That Will Finally Bring ISIS To Their Knees

President Trump’s first visit to Saudi Arabia has sent resounding shockwaves across the globe. It was a massive success for American foreign and domestic policies, something Obama could never claim as his own success. During the highly successful meeting with  King Salman of Saudi Arabia, The two nations agreed to unite to combat the spread and financing of terrorism in the volatile region.

The meeting proved Trump is up to the challenge when it comes to foreign policy issues that many said he could not handle. In the end, our relationship with Saudi Arabia was strengthened and we can count on the Saudi Kingdom to help stop the spread of ISIS across the region. This is a far cry from the Obama era.

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

Saudi Arabia was President Trump’s first stop on his diplomatic mission outside of the United States.

Former President Obama’s first foreign excursion was his infamous apology tour. Unlike Obama, President Trump had nothing to apologize for and remained strong and dignified while meeting with the Saudi King.

In turn, the Saudi King met President Trump with great respect. He greeted the landing of Air Force One on the tarmac, and immediately shook the hands of both Donald and Melania Trump.

President Trump and his Saudi counterpart remained friendly throughout the visit. King Salman lead the president on a tour of the country in his personal limo, and the two world leaders spent the day together.

The meeting was not only friendly but also highly productive. An American-Saudi Joint Strategic Vision Declaration was signed by the leaders, and best of all, other important trade deals were finalized. It’s about time!

America and Saudi Arabia will be joining forces to fight the spread of terrorism in the region. The Strategic Vision agreement is the start of a large-scale cooperation that will target Iran — the world’s number one sponsor of international terrorism. The partnership will adopt a three-pronged approach, aiming to counter extremist propaganda, disrupt the financial backing of terrorism, and increase military cooperation against terror.

President Trump’s trip to the oil-rich kingdom also signaled a victory for American jobs. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that a new arms deal, and other investments, could generate over $350 billion for American companies, all while generating new jobs in America. (via Reuters)

Former President Obama’s visits to Saudi Arabia were shadowed by Obama’s weak stance on Iran. President Trump received a much warmer welcome than his predecessor.

The meeting with the Saudi King reveals the difference between President Trump and Obama. Unlike Obama, Trump was confident in our country and was able to strike major deals instead of apologizing to foreign leaders.

How do you feel about President Trump’s first major foreign visit? I think the POTUS proved that he is acting in Americas best interest, unlike Obama who could not handle confrontation and often cowered before stronger world leaders. At least that is no longer the case with Trump in office. You can say what you want about Trump, but everyone knows he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement