JUST IN: Supreme Court Says Barack Obama Violated the Constitution And Here Is How

During his time in office, President Obama repeatedly ignored the United States Constitution as if it were a set of recommendations rather than the rule of law. While President Obama and co-conspirators George Soros cook up ways to undermine President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has ruled Obama violated the United States Constitution when he appointed and left in place Lafe Solomon, who served as General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board.

In 2011, The Senate refused to address the issue of Solomon’s nomination, and rather than Obama removing Solomon from office, President Obama left him in the position as”‘acting” General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board, figuring he could do this and circumvent the Democratic process. Unfortunately, President Obama was allowed somehow to get away with this for three years. The reason the Senate refused to consider the nomination of Lafe Solomon was due to Mr. Solomon violated NLRB’s ethics by intervening in a case on behalf of a company in which he was a stockholder.

Finally, the Supreme Court has ruled what President Obama did was unconstitutional, with Chief Justice John Roberts even stating that President Obama performed an “end-run around” on the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court decision of 6-2, overwhelmingly stated that President Obama allowing this criminal to remain as General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board was illegal. This ruling by the Supreme Court is significant because it is another nail in the coffin for the “Obama Legacy.”

As if violating the United States Constitution wasn’t enough, President Obama and his minions have been busy with their constant slander of President Trump. Decorum dictates that the outgoing President stay out of the way, and allow the new President to govern. However, President Obama didn’t respect the rule of law while he was in office, why should he be expected to follow the decorum of an outgoing President. Funded by George Soros, Obama has been busy doing what he does best, community organizing, by setting up hundreds of offices across the United States, staffed by over 30,000 workers, all in an effort to undermine the Trump Presidency. Obama’s community organizing project, Organizing for Action, is nothing more than an element directed to undermine a democratically elected President.

One would think that the Supreme Court ruling a previous President violated the United States Constitution would be major news, but the leftwing media and Obama have been busy working behind the scenes to set up a shadow government to undermine President Trump. Evidence of this can be seen from Obama shadowing President Trump around the globe, with Obama meeting with the same foreign leaders as President Trump, as if Obama hasn’t realized that he is no longer the President of the United States. These meetings constitute treason yet it is unlikely that Obama will be held accountable for this, or any other crimes he committed while in office.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are busy still beating the “it was Russia” drum, and that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to somehow steal the election. Never mind that former FBI Director James Comey admitted under oath there is no evidence of collusion and that President Trump was never under investigation.  The left and the Democrats in Washington D.C. can’t be bothered with facts.

Americans from all sides of the political spectrum are starting to get tired of the “it was Russia” line, with some Democrats, including the Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, who thankfully saw the light and realized what the Democratic party has turned into, which is a fascist regime resembling Nazism.

President Trump, despite being on vacation, continues to let Americans know daily that he is fighting for America as well as his Presidency, not taking lightly the attacks from the left, or the leaks coming out of the National Security Council. As the truth begins to reveal itself, and Obama’s legacy continues to devolve, the attacks against President Trump and his supporters continue their course. Now, the fate of Obamacare is the last hurdle President Trump needs to get over in order to truly reverse the damage Obama has done over the last eight years.


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