JUST IN: Troops Send This “Special Message” To ISIS And We Think It Is AWESOME

All around the world troops have a longstanding tradition that dates back to the first World War of writing messages on bombs. Troops send these personal messages to the enemy and thankfully, that tradition has not changed. The British Royal Air Force coalition sent a very special message to ISIS recently and the photo of it went viral on social media.

Our troops are awesome at boosting morale and lifting patriotism in times that seems so very dark to many of us. The recent terror attack in Manchester England was especially heinous in the fact that it targeted children. So, these coalition troops wanted to let these disgusting monsters know what they thought of this attack.

Here is more Angry Patriot Movement:

Our longstanding military traditions are a little unusual but are truly cathartic in these infuriating times. One anonymous military member wrote “Love from Manchester” on a missile that was headed for ISIS. (via Fox News) Photo via Senator James McGrath  Someone from the British Royal Air Force, as members of a coalition force, wrote this message. Obviously, they did it with the full support of their military colleagues, and us patriots. I hope this message strikes fear into the heart of any terrorist who sees it, even those who simply see it on social media.

After a terrorist attack in Paris in 2015, photos cropped up of similar messages written on bombs, such as “from Paris, with love.”

In fact, the idea of writing messages on bombs dates back to World War One and has been practiced in the Western world regularly ever since.

Also, this is from Fox News:

A photo circulated Thursday of the missile with the words “Love from Manchester” scrawled on with black marker. A spokesperson for the RAF told The Sun it was real.

“The RAF can confirm the photo was genuine,” the spokesperson said.  Members of a unit stationed in an undisclosed location in the Middle East wrote the message.

On Monday a man, identified as Salman Abedi, blew himself up in the foyer of the Manchester Arena, killing 22 people and injuring 119 others. The attack targeted an event that was filled with mostly women and children.

War is an ugly thing but one must remember that our troops are fighting to prevent as many terror attacks as they can. Also, this is to avenge all that have already been lost to the senseless and hateful acts of ISIS and other terrorists. That is what we need to remember folks.

We should never forget or forgive those senseless acts.

Hopefully, this message will help some stubborn liberals understand that this is how you respond to terrorists. In my opinion, we need to respond like this more often.

This latest attack focused on children — we just cannot have any tolerance for the left’s nonsense about peace. We are at war, whether they acknowledge it or not. We cannot stand for any more attacks. Not in Europe, or America. When we don’t respond to terror attacks, we lay ourselves, and our whole culture, down on railway tracks. Who will get run over next?

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