JUST IN: The U.S. Senate Blocks President Trump

The United States Senate has just voted to prevent President Trump from making any recess appointments while the Senators are on vacation–a vacation that many Americans feel is not well deserved. The Obamacare travesty has yet to be fixed and there is the issue of fixing the U.S. immigration policy, yet lawmakers feel they need time off, and before they left, they made sure President Trump would have his hands tied. This is the latest development in a series of events which continually demonstrates that the political establishment will do everything they can to prevent President Trump from enacting his agenda, which is to put America and Americans first. However, the political elite in Washington D.C. has other ideas.

What is significant about the United States Senate blocking President Trump from making recess appointments is that this requires the approval of every single United States Senator. The result of this measure hurts ordinary Americans by way of preventing President Trump from conducting the business of the nation.

Even before this latest development, Senate Democrats have continually obstructed President Trump’s nominations out of their own hatred for the fact that President Trump won a democratically held election and beat the left’s saint, Hillary Clinton  She is the most corrupt Presidential candidate ever seen, and the only one who has been actively seeking the office of President of the United States, all while being under FBI investigation.

Since the beginning of July, the United States Senate has only confirmed 48 out of 197 nominees and a mere 23 judicial nominees. As of June 30, 2017, only 50 of President Trump’s nominees had been confirmed. In contrast, during the same time period, as of June 30, 2009, President Obama had 186 confirmations out of 336 nominations, an average of more than 55%. Marc Short, the White House Director of Legislative Affairs back in July wasted no time calling out Senator Chuck Schumer for leading this charge of obstruction against the American people and President Trump. “Sen. Schumer has deliberately run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction against the president’s nominees for high-ranking positions in the government. Democrats even walked out of committee hearings to deny a quorum, like school children taking their toys from the playground. These obstruction tactics are carried out in the name of resisting the Trump administration and playing to a radical left-wing base.” In typical liberal fashion, Senator Schumer took absolutely no responsibility for this obstruction and instead blamed the Trump Administration with the following retort, “If the White House is looking for the cause of the delay, they need only look in the mirror. No administration in recent memory has been slower in sending nominees to the Senate.”

In typical Trump fashion, the President has not held back pointing out that Democrats in Washington D.C. are solely responsible for obstructing his legislative agenda as well as his appointments. This unprecedented obstruction by the Democrats hurts Americans across the country because it inhibits the federal government from carrying out the people’s business.

Aside from Democrats obstructing President Trump’s nominations, they have effectively stalled President Trump’s plan to keep a campaign promise, where he vowed to invest $1- trillion for the rebuilding of America’s airports, bridges, roads, and other infrastructure. Keeping this campaign promise would provide numerous jobs for Americans as well as significant benefits for American businesses providing materials for these proposed projects.

Since President Trump has been elected, liberal snowflakes in Washington D.C. have made no secret of the fact that they care not for Americans or the betterment of its citizens. They care only for their lunatic left agenda which seeks to destroy the first amendment and create an American populace dependent on welfare and government subsidies. This blatant obstruction can also be seen with what happened recently with the United States Senate failing to repeal Obamacare, with several Republicans voting with the Democrats to keep this unaffordable monstrosity. Yet, Obamacare is imploding, Americans are suffering, and insurance choices are becoming more expensive with fewer options for providers. Thankfully, elections are just around the corner, and the American people will have a chance once again to demonstrate to the Democrats and political establishment that their time is up.

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