Kaepernick Gets NASTY Surprise By Ravens Fans 24 Hours After Being Signed To Team

Standing for the National Anthem prior to a sports event seems like a rather straight- forward thing whether you are a fan or a player. For Colin Kaepernick, not so much. Last season, while on the 49ers time, he decided to make a political statement and take a knee during the National Anthem. He stated this was his protest against oppression the African American community has suffered at the hands of law enforcement and in other areas of society. Never mind that in cities like Chicago, the black on black violence there has caused President Trump to send in federal authorities.  Despite all this oppression, a majority of the NFL players are black, and millionaires. Colin Kaepernick failed to realize that his protest, while on company time, combined with his poor performance on the field, would cause many fans to simply stop watching NFL games, going to games, and buying merchandise. General managers across the NFL saw this and made the smart move to avoid a sub-par player who would bring too much controversy to a team and not enough touchdowns on the field.

In addition to taking a knee during the national anthem and continuing with his anti-white and anti-American statements, Colin Kaepernick, on the July 4th holiday, doubled down and stated the following via twitter, “How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? To find my independence I went home.” He made this statement while visiting his “homeland”, Ghana, where he lived prior to being adopted by an upper-middle-class white family from Wisconsin.

With the few instances where a team was considering signing Colin Kaepernick, fans made it abundantly clear what would happen if their team decided to sign him. Prissy Holly from Freedom Daily reported, “Kaepernick’s anti-American antics over the past 2 football seasons quickly made him the hero of the left, as he was constantly being propped up by Barack Obama and his Black Lives Matter idiots who were all too eager to worship at Kaepernick’s American-hating throne. But ever since Trump got into office, life for Kaepernick has taken a drastic turn for the worse as Trump’s crackdown on cop-haters across America has made Kaepernick’s popularity take a nose-dive in recent months as these idiots’ invitations to the White House have suddenly ceased. Combine that rejection with NFL executives expressing recently that they ‘genuinely hate Kaepernick,’ and you can clearly see why Kaepernick’s ego is so massively wrecked. So when given the opportunity over Independence Day to denounce the United States and run back to his country of Ghana where he lived before being adopted by white people in Wisconsin, Kaepernick took the opportunity and ran with it.”

The latest team that was considering signing Colin Kaepernick was the Baltimore Ravens. The coach of the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh, stated that he’s spoken with Kaepernick on a number of occasions, but in the end the decision was made to sign David Olson from Clemson. Ravens fans, upon hearing that Kaepernick might be signed were none to pleased and made their feelings well known. John Breech from CBS Sports made a very astute observation. “If teams are afraid of fan backlash, the the reaction in Baltimore isn’t going to help things. Fans also had a similar reaction in New York. Back in May, Giants co-owner John Mara said that fans in New York threatened to boycott his team if they decided to sign Kaepernick”.

There are several important factors Colin Kaepernick forgot to take into account when he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem two seasons ago. First, most NFL fans despite their political affiliation love America and love the National Anthem and its symbolism. So when Colin decided to take a knee, he basically gave a middle finger to the folks who pay his salary. Secondly, Colin decided to politically protest on company time, something he and other NFL players who took a knee failed to remember. At the end of the day, these players are employees and while on company time, they are expected to behave in a certain manner. Lastly, Colin’s performance has not been that great, and NFL teams have two main objectives –win games, and keep fans happy. Colin Kaepernick is incapable of doing either.

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