Lebron James Gets Savagely Humiliated After Calling All Trump Supporters ‘Uneducated’

Lebron James has been spewing his BS rhetoric for days when it comes to Trump and our President’s stance on the NFL supporting the taking a knee trend. Yet, try as he might he is making a whole lot of NO SENSE! It is also kind of humorous when he tries to slam Americans as being uneducated, yet he can’t even use the English language correctly in his insults. The supposedly “uneducated” people he tried to insult have come back hard and used his own words to show him that he probably shouldn’t speak the way he has been.

To make the entire situation even funnier, Lebron’s interview concerning how he feels about the NFL kneeling and President Trump’s words about it, makes almost no sense. He states that NO ONE, not even the fans are divided on the NFL situation, and he honestly seems quite terrified to even name the President. Furthermore, he states that people who voted for Trump made a mistake and associated it to him giving his daughter too many Skittles. I kid you not, this man is living in a whole other world.

According to Conservative Fighters :

Following LeBron James series of tweets attacking and insulting President Trump and his opinion about the disrespectful NFL players who are protesting the national anthem, conservative supporters didn’t stay silent. The famous NBA All-star player was in the headlines when he attacked Trump’s supporters calling them ‘uneducated’.

So now, the ‘uneducated’ people have humiliated LeBron in a way he could’ve never expected, teaching him English grammar 101 in one picture, which contained all his grammar mistakes he made in the tweets he used to call the conservative supports uneducated.

Apparently, the LeBron was hit by this much more than he expected so up till now he hasn’t responded to the picture. And maybe that’s for the best since his strong side is not communication. As it turns out he should stick to sports, and stop trying to be ‘righteous’ and attack President Trump and his supporters, most of which are well-educated people who believe in President Trump and his vision.
From now on LeBron should first check his grammar before he posts something against a people who are clearly highly educated.

The true bottom line here is that even though celebrities and sports icons do in fact have a freedom to say or do any dumb thing they want, the citizens who provide the paychecks don’t actually want to hear the personal opinions of these celebrities on any platform related to their profession. Just play the part if you are an actor, sing the song if you are a musician, or play the game if you are an athlete. Keep your views to your personal platforms like the rest of us.

There is almost no employment venue in the United States that allows for any conservative to speak their peace while ON THE JOB.  This should go for liberals and professionals of public entertainment venues. Just do your job for Pete’s sake!

Oh, but no, instead they come out and state ludicrous things, and make us question the education level of the people who lead our children through social situations via public engagement. It is terrifying to think that our children are being taught that you can be dumb as a post when it comes to actual education and yet still bring in millions simply because you can bounce a ball. It is no wonder the American drop-out rate is so high! Look at who actually teaches our children. Let’s face it. In this day and age, society, television, and the internet can either be an amazing tool when a parent is engaged and teaches right from wrong, or it can all be the biggest brainwashing factor for the left when a parent isn’t paying attention.

These entertainers are so far removed from the reality the rest of us face. Their opinions are pretty much moot in any actual setting that will or should make a difference. It is like having King Midas teach your children about poverty. It makes no sense!

God have mercy on the next generation, because too many parents don’t run interference when they should.

H/T [ Conservative Fighters ]