Lib Reporters Try To Get 6 US Soldiers To Crap Talk Trump’s Transgender Ban, Get SCHOOLED Instead

The most recent policy change by President Trump has the liberal left up in arms (as usual) but most of them seem to not have enough working knowledge of the military to understand the very dangerous and possibly deadly effects of having transgenders be allowed to enlist. The ongoing medical funding alone would break the military’s financial back as it is.

More concerning to most is the unequivocal way in which a trans-person must have medical care in many areas for YEARS. Depending on which level of transformation said trans- person is undergoing upon their enlistment, they may never even get fully through boot camp which leaves able-bodied men and women out of a chance to join due to documented numbers even though the trans-person isn’t actively a body in camp.

Add to that small factor the stress and strain to the trans-person themselves of dealing with a massive life change and the depression that almost always comes with the process and the instability of being transported from post to post during deployment. This would leave our men and women on the ground in a bad situation as well for the unit that the trans is assigned to. These are all just small and varying factors that everyone involved in making this decision had to take into consideration.

This is not discrimination, this is preservation for the safety of our troops as well as for the person going through a transformation. Some may think our troops would be upset at the ban, however, those who think that way would be proven very wrong when the question is asked.

According to Conservative Tribune :

Much to the consternation of LGBT advocates and the liberal media, President Donald Trump did away with a rather progressive rule regarding transgenderism imposed on the military by former President Barack Obama, and Trump did it, of course, via Twitter.

In the Twitter post, Trump announced that, henceforth, transgender individuals would no longer be permitted to serve in the U.S. military “in any capacity,” which of course sparked massive outrage among his ideological opponents.

But the Independent Journal Review figured that, since this ban on transgender people in the military will pretty much only affect the military, maybe we should see what actual members of the military think about it instead of asking political advocates and talking heads in the liberal media. It was an eye-opening move.

“Only two things matter: Survivability and lethality,” stated Army Sgt. Darian Browning, who served in the 82nd Airborne. “Anything other than that is a distraction. We have budget problems, also, already.

“The stated purpose of the Army is to ‘fight and win the Nation’s land wars,’” added Browning. “Any decisions or budget fixes should be centered around that and that alone.”

“The military is a machine that doesn’t breakdown for politics,” said Marine Sgt. Sean Conner, Iraq veteran and MARSOC Raider. “I can assure you that the reasoning for this decision is for the benefit of the whole.”

“Considering less than 1 percent identify as transgender in the military, it would be a major burden, and the cost benefit analysis…

What many are not talking about is the fact that trans-people have been banned openly for many years by many presidents. Clinton himself banned them as did Obama during their terms. Obama lifted that ban only prior to leaving office because he was more than aware of the implications such a move would make and the mess it would leave behind.

Boy did it leave one hell of a mess! Trump and Mattis are taking hell for their decision to REVERT BACK to the same policy on trans-people in the military that has basically always been there. So, for anyone screaming that Trump did it-shut the hell up! It is beyond time that the mental meltdowns of the left come to a halt. If the left truly needs closure, then maybe they should actually use those callous-free, soft-skinned hands to open a book or research existing policies to assure themselves that Trump isn’t targeting whatever secular group they think they belong to.  President Trump doesn’t have the kind of time it would take to mentally prepare himself to delve into all of the made-up, entitlement-driven fantasy lands to come up with policies hurt the feelings of these leftists.

God Bless America and our Troops!