Liberal Media FRANTIC To Bury The REAL Reason Mike Flynn Was Forced To Resign

Ever since news broke of President Trump’s national security advisor resigning, liberals have been talking endless sh*t. While liberals are foaming at the mouth and running with the story that Flynn was forced to resign because of his “ties to Russia,” more disturbing information is now coming to light pointing to something much more sinister taking place in Washington D.C.

After audio of was leaked of a phone call between Flynn and an unnamed Russian official, every single House Democrat demanded that Michael Flynn resign immediately. They made their complaints known to Republican Chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz, where they demanded Flynn resign or that Chaffetz lead an investigation into the General. But there’s several disturbing details that the liberal media is hoping that no one finds out.

It’s no secret that Flynn was an enemy of Hillary Clinton’s, as he’s been one of her biggest critics for her illegal activities pertaining to her private server. Immediately after hearing the news about Flynn’s resignation the crooked hag immediately took to Twitter to gloat over the news. Now it appears as though someone with close ties to either Hillary or Obama were behind the malicious plot to have Flynn removed as a way to undermine Trump’s presidency.

Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif appeared on Fox News to discuss the leak where he said that Republicans are now launching a full-blown investigation to see where the mysterious leak began to circulate from.

“We are going to be outlining all of our concerns over the last 60 days that appear to all be related, maybe even coordinated in some ways,” Nunes stated.

While it is normal for the intelligence community to capture phone calls that U.S. government officials make to foreign nationals, this leak should have NEVER BEEN AIRED. While Flynn might haves spoken with a Russian official, the authority to out Flynn took place by someone in the Obama Administration. President Trump was quick to point out the disturbing trend for so many intelligence leaks coming out of Washington:


This is just another part by liberals to destroy and undermine President Trump, as evidenced by Democrats’ frenzied behavior shortly after, where they began to say this was the beginning of President Trump’s impeachment.