Liberal Media Frantic To Bury Footage Of What Refugees Are Really Doing After Reaching Their New Homes

We in America are a gracious country, we are the most charity giving country in the world, but sometimes enough is enough. The migrant crisis in the Middle East is heartbreaking. As a human being my heart goes out to the children that are residing in these war torn countries, but the truth of the matter is this. I love my family more!

The fear that American’s have within the past decade and a half is terrorism. On 9-11 our innocence was lost, and we have lived in a state of heightened fear. The refugees coming from these countries pose a threat that we are not used to handling, and we have to slow the influx of people flooding our shores down.

Europe is being overrun by these refugees, and it wouldn’t be so horrible if they would assimilate into the culture of the country they are fleeing to, but they aren’t. They refuse to change their ways, and they are bringing their dangerous culture with them. Sort of like how I feel Northern Democrats bring their bad habits into the South…

The following video, provided by Western Journalism, shines some light into what’s really happening in Europe as a result of this crisis, focusing on a refugee camp in France known as “The Jungle.” This is mind blowing.

Our new President is dedicating himself to protecting the American people from harmful and senseless violence. We have to support him and his efforts. It is not wrong of us in America to disagree with the relocation of refugees here in America. It is not wrong that we don’t want to end up like some of these European countries. The people in these countries don’t all raise their kids like we do in America. They are taught differently, they are taught that we are the enemy.

Now please don’t get me wrong, don’t blast me in the comments and say that I am stereotyping, because I am certainly not.

I said in the beginning, my heart hurts for the ones that are not wanting to murder my fellow American’s. I am simply saying that we cannot allow America to follow the path of these other countries.

What do you think of the refugee crisis?