Liberal Media Immediately Does Something VILE After Learning About Terror Attack In Russia

Today, Russia had an Islamic inspired terror attack. The Mainstream Media is, as usual, being negligent in giving the actual facts, however, we will. It has been discovered that a second bomb was located after most of the news reported something different. Also, ISIS is (not shockingly) celebrating via online forums since the moment the blast sounded.

Leave it to the press to leave that very important detail out.

Via Angry Patriot Movement:

The explosions today erupted in Russia’s second largest city. A terrorist-activated bomb went off in the Technology Institute and at Sennaya Ploshchad, killing at least ten innocent bystanders, possibly more. At least 20 subway-goers have been injured. This story is still in development. (via Vocativ).

What the mainstream media won’t tell you: ISIS is already CELEBRATING this! While the mainstream media pushes the narrative that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or be “Islamophobic,” ISIS had already taken credit for this latest bombing and are cheering for the slaughter of Russians on the subway.

“We ask Allah to bless the operation by the lions of the Caliphate, we ask Allah to kill the Crusaders,” an ISIS member said on their online forum.

At least one bomb was filled with shrapnel. All metro stations are now on lockdown in the Russian city. Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin is gathering authorities together for an investigation into the motives for the horrific crime.

Other comments on the ISIS online forum including those reveling the fact that they had made “a metro to hell for the worshipers of the Cross.”

According to ISIS members chatting online, the pre-planned attack was “revenge” for Vladimir Putin backing Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, in his fight against ISIS in his country. Since backing Syria, Russian airstrikes in the country are commonplace, and they’ve successfully demolished several ISIS camps. Whatever the reason behind this attack, one thing is clear: Innocent lives were lost today in a horrific tragedy.

This has to stop and I hate to say this but an attack like this in Russia of all places may have been the very turning point. Putin will NOT pander to these Muslims. His punishments have always been and always will be swift, hard, and appropriately aimed at the very ones responsible.

What do you think about the MSM’s continuous pandering to radical Islam and their terrorists? Let us know in the comments!

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]