Liberal Senator Comes Up With SICK LAW That Would Punish Americans Who Help Build Trump’s Wall

One California senator has taken things too far.  Ricardo Lara, D amended a bill that will allow discrimination against any contractor working on Trump’s border wall. His plan would ban any worker involved from ever receiving any contract in California.

It sounds like a pretty stupid plan to me. What does he think is gonna happen with these threats? The contractors will find work elsewhere in the country and leave the socialist state to deal with themselves.

According to Breitbart:

State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens has amended Senate Bill 30—initially a bill requiring state voter approval of any federally-funded infrastructure project built along “ California’s southern border”—which will now prohibit the state from contracting with any person or organization that provides any goods or services for the wall.

“It’s clear that President Trump intends to stick taxpayers with the cost of a border wall that will hurt California’s economy, environment, and people,” Lara said in a statement according to the Tribune. “I introduced Senate Bill 30 to give our state a louder voice to say that building a wasteful and unnecessary wall would be a huge mistake.”

“Another wall will delay cargo delivery, slow down business and take away valuable jobs,” he wrote.

Building the border wall won’t ‘take away valuable jobs’ as Lara alleges—it will create badly-needed new jobs and protect Californians already employed by making illegal entry more difficult.

Since Trump’s election, state-sponsored hysteria has become the norm in California.  Two San Francisco Supervisors are pushing an even tougher measure that would ban any company that bids on the border wall from consideration for city contracts.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “any company looking at President Trump’s proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States as a business opportunity may soon want to reconsider—if it wants to do business with San Francisco.”  Two supervisors introduced a local measure last month that would “bar San Francisco from contracting with companies that seek a deal to work on the wall during the bidding period, regardless of whether the companies win a contract.”

Not surprisingly, other Bay Area cities are following suit.  The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution as well advising the city to divest from any company involved in any aspect of the project.  Oakland is moving forward with a similar resolution.

How can an undertaking so massive ever take jobs away? If anything, there will be more jobs created than ever before. This attitude is nothing new for California! Just do everyone a favor and secede, please.

H/T [ Breitbart ]