Liberals Call Sessions a “Racist” Then Go Crazy When They See What’s Sitting On His Desk

Wednesday night Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as our next attorney general. Ever since Sessions was nominated the left was been calling him a racist since he committed the cardinal sin of being born in the south. Jumping on the bandwagon of hatred for Sessions the NAACP climbed aboard. However, they seem to have short term memory loss and forgot the award they Session just a short time ago.

In 2009, Sessions was given the Governmental Award for Excellence by the NAACP. Though where I get confused by this is if he was a terrible racist, why did they give him this award? How was this award discovered? Well, when staff members were cleaning out Sessions office they found the award. To dispel all the misinformation Senator Lindsey Graham brought up the award on the senate floor.

“Apparently (NAACP President Cornell Brooks) doesn’t stay in contact with the NAACP chapter in Alabama,” Graham explained. “Most of the things said about Jeff Sessions and the way he acted as a senator could be said about almost all of us on this side who consider themselves conservative.”


After Sessions was nominated the NAACP released this statement.

“Sen. Sessions’ record suggests that he will carry on an old, ugly legacy in this country’s history when civil rights for African-Americans, women and minorities were not regarded as core American values,” the statement read.

“Whether Sen. Sessions, with decades of failing grades on the NAACP’s report card, possesses a racial vision and commitment to justice is in serious question,” the statement continued.

I guess they forgot about the award they gave just a few short years back, right?

This is exactly what one would expect from the left. They attack people with baseless accusations of racism to marginalize them however, they cannot keep with their lies as this attack proves.

Maybe they should just be truthful and admit they do not like Sessions because Trump nominated him. At least I could respect instead of these horrific character attacks that never seem to end.

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