Liberals Claim Mike Pence Is Forcing Sharia Law On His Wife After Noticing What He Does At Private Their Dinner

Mike Pence may be one of the most non-controversial figures in the world of American politics, but that won’t stop liberal run Washington Post from trying to slander Pence’s good name. In 2002 Pence remarked that he would not eat alone with any other woman besides his wife.

The left picked up on the remarks and is on the offensive claiming his views are a “repressive interpretations of Islam” and Sharia law. Now wait a minute, I thought Muslims were good people and treated everyone with respect? How can they compare an “evil” Christian to those innocent Islam practicing nut jobs? Does Liberal hypocrisy know no bounds? Apparently…

From the Independent Journal Review:

Vice President Mike Pence told The Hill in 2002 that he will not eat alone with any woman but his wife. He also avoids events that serve alcohol if his wife is absent. Pence has cited his Christian faith as the basis behind his personal decisions.

On Wednesday, the tidbit was featured in a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence — and it actually caused some controversy.

Boing Boing journalist Xeni Jardin compared Pence’s decision not to dine alone with other women to the “repressive interpretations of Islam” and Sharia law.

VP Mike Pence’s ‘conservative Christian’ faith is the explanation given for why he won’t be in a room alone with a female who’s not his wife.

Others quickly came to Pence’s defense.

Where does their logic come from? How do you get that Pence won’t hire women in key spots from this? That has absolutely nothing to do with Pence dining alone with another woman. Talk about an overreach and overreacting.

Maybe if more men acted in this manner we wouldn’t have such high divorce rates and affairs running rampant. Unfortunately in this day and age up is down and down is up. Talk about living in Bizarro land.

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