Liberals FUMING At What Texas Judge Did To Their Millions Of Precious Illegals With 1 Stroke Of The Pen

Texas is always leading the charge for liberty and freedom, and their latest legislation proves that nothing has changed in their 150+ years as the Lone-Star State. It has alot of liberals moaning, but for the most part, logical people are cheering. After a long tiresome debate, the legislature approved a ban on “sanctuary cities.” What this means is that no funding will be given to any city that does not fully obey the rules. Democrats are fuming at this and it couldn’t be sweeter.

Another little measure threw in there also lets police officers inquire about the immigration status of anyone they detain or arrest including the subjects of traffic stops. Social justice warriors will be crying about racial profiling with this no doubt, but it is necessary to get immigration in order, especially in a border state where illegal crossings run rampant.

Other states have considered enacting laws similar to this, but Texas will be the first in which local police officials could face criminal charges and be removed from office for not assisting federal immigration enforcement efforts, the Associated Press reported.

According to the Washington Examiner:

After a 16-hour debate, the Republican-controlled legislature approved a ban on “sanctuary cities” just before 3 a.m. on Thursday, allowing Texas to withhold funding from county or local governments that do not fully comply with immigration law.

Texas can now also criminally charge police chiefs and other city officials, as well as remove them from office, should they not help enforce immigration law.

In Travis County, Sheriff Sally Hernandez put forth a policy refusing to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests, unless they are accompanied by a judicial warrant or court order, or if the individual has been charged with or convicted of serious crimes such as capital murder or aggravated sexual assault.

It is this type of policy that made Travis County, and other cities and counties nationwide, a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. Now, Hernandez’s policy and similar ones are in jeopardy in Texas.

The bill passed with an amendment from Rep. Matt Schaefer, R-Tyler, that would allow local law enforcement officers to ask about a person’s immigration status during both an arrest or a lawful detention, like a routine traffic stop.

The bill now goes to a conference committee next, where Senate and House representatives will work toward a mutually agreeable bill before sending it off to Gov. Greg Abbott for his signature.

The vote is a major victory for the Republican governor, who had declared sanctuary cities an “emergency” item. The move by Texas comes just days after President Trump suffered a major blow to his executive order attempting to withhold federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions.

Hernandez praised Texas Democrats for opposing the bill.

Texas’ efforts fall directly in line with President Trump’s federal policies, which was passed just as the Trump administration’s order to defund such jurisdictions is held up in court. A California judge attempted to file a preliminary injunction against the order Tuesday. The move temporarily forestalls any attempt to withhold federal funds from cities and states that don’t comply with information-sharing requirements in the immigration code.

The move temporarily forestalls any attempt to withhold federal funds from cities and states that don’t comply with information-sharing requirements in the immigration code.

H/T Washington Examiner


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