As Liberals Lose Their Minds Over Trump’s Migrant Ban, What This Muslim Did In Maine Will HORRIFY You

As liberal morons across America continue to protest President Trump’s migrant ban, a horrifying story coming out of Maine is proving yet again why his policies are vital to keeping our country safe. And as liberals continue to push the rhetoric  that Muslims are “peaceful,” what just happened in a quiet white Christian neighborhood just blew the lid of the left’s backwards and asinine narrative.

We’ve all seen the horrifying atrocities continuing to take place place in European countries, where these vermin have been given free access to invade these these areas and then absolutely wreak havoc. But it seems as though liberals never learn their lesson, and continue to demand that these same type of barbarians allowed into America as well. Now thanks to their reckless antics, one young teenage girl’s life will forever be changed after the savage thing that was done to her by a pack of Muslim savages.

Muslim rapist Garag Majok

Bare Naked Islam reports that Garag Majok, and two other unidentified males lured a young 16-year-old into a hotel room in Lewiston, Maine, where they savagely took turns gang raping her. Thankfully, local authorities had enough evidence to arrest them for their crimes, where they were brought up on charges of gross sexual assault, which is a Class A felony.  So far, authorities have not released anymore details, but in a press release said that the investigation is ongoing and that any other details could throw the investigation into jeopardy.

All 3 individuals are Muslim Somali immigrants, who could’ve been easily prevented from committing this horrific crime, had President Trump’s ban been set into motion earlier.

This is just yet an example of why this ban is of utmost importance to not only protecting our nation, but for our individual liberties and rights as well. But of course liberals will continue to whine and assert that our president’s ban is racist and bigoted, since they have personally not been affected by these disgusting individuals yet.

H/T [Bare Naked Islam]