Liberals Panic After DAMNING Video Of Top Dems Emerges Where They Admit They Have ZERO Evidence Trump Colluded With Russia

Democrats are continuing their relentless attacks on Donald Trump even though they have yet to prove that Trump was working with the Russians to win the election last year. For the past 6 months, we have heard rumors about Trump’s shady dealings with Russia but are yet to see any actual proof. As a matter of fact, there is more evidence against their accusations than any shred of evidence proving he did collude with the Russians.

Democrats are desperately trying to prove they are correct, but in the end, it is only hurting their credibility further. It is only a matter of time before the public loses interest and the Democrats know that can’t happen. Unfortunately for them, Congress can’t find a shred of evidence supporting their claims.

According to Hannity:

As the liberal left continues its desperate witch-hunt against Donald Trump and his presidency, let’s not forget that it was democratic leaders THEMSELVES that confirmed there wasn’t a single-shred of evidence connecting the Trump campaign to Russia.

Alt-left activists and lawmakers have been calling for the President’s impeachment since his inauguration last January. Their main reason: collusion.

The only problem is that not a single member of Congress has seen anything implicating the Trump team worked with Russia, and they know it.

“We did not include any evidence in our report –and I say our that’s NSA, FBI, and CIA with my office, the director of national intelligence- that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians, there was no evidence of that included in our report,” said the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“Have you see anything in either intelligence briefings, anything, to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?” a reporter asked Maxine Waters. “No we have not,” she responded.

“There’s an awful lot of smoke there, let’s put it that way,” said Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. “People that might have said they were involved, to what extent they were involved, to what extent the president might have known about these people or whatever, there is nothing there from that standpoint that we have seen directly linking our president to any of that.”

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says that there wasn’t evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump earlier this year.

When the Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says that there wasn’t evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump, people should pay attention. The truth is, Trump is doing everything in his power to return America to its former glory. This has been a desperate witch hunt since the very beginning and in the end, this will blow up in democrats faces. What do you think? How much longer will the American people have to endure these lies before we finally get to the truth?

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