Libs Horribly Attack After Cute 11-Year -Old Mows White House Lawn

If you need a barometer for how far the left has devolved, then look no further than in recent events when the lunatic left attacked President Trump for allowing an 11-year-old boy to mow the White House Lawn. The left in their infinite wisdom, looking to destroy President Trump, accused him of breaking child labor laws. The accusation is unfounded and without merit as is usually the case with most liberal arguments.

Frank Giaccio wrote President Trump a letter explaining that he mows lawns to earn extra money, and has gone into business for himself. Frank asked if he could come to the White House and mow the lawn there, for free, and President Trump was more than willing to accommodate the request. Frank probably figured it would help his business portfolio by being able to claim President Trump was a client, and he is likely correct.

Finally, on Friday Frank Giaccio was able to make his wish come true and mow the White House lawn. The experience for the 11-year old boy was nothing short of amazing. He gave interviews with CNN, Fox News, and even got to answer questions in the White House press briefing room.

Yet, in the midst of such a great story about an 11-year old boy showing how persistence and hard work pays off, liberal trolls on Twitter were quick to find fault with President Trump. There were tweets which ranged from calls to having President Trump impeached, to comparing Frank Giaccio’s hard work to the unsubstantiated claim that President Trump and Ivanka Trump employ six-year-old children to make their clothing.

If liberals accusing President Trump had read The Fair Labor Standards Act which encompasses laws for child labor, they would have seen that the law states children under the age of 14 can work jobs which are classified as chore like. This includes mowing lawns. The Fair Labor Standards Act goes on to cover a list of various jobs which young people can perform so long as the work “is sage and does not jeopardize their health, well-being, or educational opportunities.”

The issue at hand here is not that liberals really think President Trump is violating child labor laws. Sure, they are using this claim as a catalyst to continue screaming about impeachment, but liberals by nature have a sense of entitlement and have no clue what hard work is. They are of the opinion that things should be handed to them because the world is unfair. They believe that someone who works hard and is successful should simply part ways with their money and possessions because they have more and give it to those who do not work hard.

This sense of entitlement is pervasive in the liberal mindset. Take a look at Hillary Clinton, and her book tour where she is claiming everyone and everything lost her the 2016 Presidential election but her. The DNC, Democrats in Washington D.C., and liberal snowflakes across America all felt entitled to have Hillary Clinton as the first woman President of the United States. When Donald Trump won, this sense of entitlement was crushed, resulting in the turmoil we currently have and Hillary Clinton carrying on about why she lost.

Attacking an 11-year-old boy for displaying virtues such as hard work, perseverance, and a smart presence of mind for smart marketing does not help the Democrats or the left to endear voters. By the logic they are displaying here, the message being sent is “don’t work hard, just ask for handouts and play the blame game.” Liberals are not interested in toning down the political rhetoric, and they will stoop so low as to attack children should their parents not hold the same “tolerant” views of the left. Just look at what the mainstream media and the left have done to Barron Trump.

The left-wingers of today have become the Nazi Brownshirts of the past. They use violence, intimidation, threats to one’s professional career, and all manner of coercion to get their way, all the while claiming they are the all knowing and all tolerant ones. Kudos to Frank Giaccio, his parents, and President Trump for showing America what hard work looks like. Liberals need constant reminders of this.

H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]