Libtard Bimbo Katy Perry Runs Her Stupid Mouth About Trump At Grammys, Gets a NASTY Surprise 24 Hours Later

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, many liberals in Hollywood have been extremely vocal about their disdain for our president. Last night one of the liberal twits that took the stage at the Grammys was Katy Perry who decided to take a break from being a whore to whine about her political views that no one cares about. But who would’ve thought that just 12 hours later, Perry would be paying a huge price for running her big fat mouth.

Appearing on stage in a white pantsuit as a way to pay tribute to the Hillary god, Perry also had Hitler-like armband that read “Persist” referring to the Senate voting to silence America’s favorite native American, Senator Elizabeth Warren last week.

Towards the end of Perry’s performance (that really sucked), she then tried to make a political statement about illegals and Muslim terrorists wanting to come into our country, a policy she is apparently a huge advocate for.  One of the props on stage was a broken fence that had the Constitution superimposed over it. The moron pop singer then screamed “No Hate!” before leaving the stage in a huff.

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to start ripping Perry a new butthole, and the massacre was exquisite to witness. Here’s a few of the best pissed off people who angrily tweeted at Perry. There were literally HUNDREDS but it would take too freaking long to gather them all here.

Much nicer than I would’ve been, but you get the point. People are obviously growing weary of these celebrities who continue to lecture Americans on how they should live their lives while living from their ivory towers with armed guards. Let’s send Katy to the Middle East for a few weeks and see if she still feels the same way about bringing in un-vetted migrants to America. I’m sure there’s lots of dudes named mohammed who would love to grab a piece of dat ass.

H/T [Truth Monitor]