LMAO: Anti-Trump Actor’s New Movie Sells ONE TICKET on Opening Day…But It Gets Worse

There are numerous celebrities who are currently on the new-fad train of Trump bashing, but one, in particular, went to extremes to make his absolute disgust for our President very clear. Shia Labeouf did everything from place live-stream cameras in random places to playing hide and seek with one of his anti-divide flags. He was epic-ally trolled by many from all sides of the aisle, and his cameras were trolled back while his flag was always located by those way smarter than he.

Like most wack jobs often do when they are confronted, Labeouf became violent and uncontrollable on more than one occasion when he was epically trolled back by random people. That being said, is it any surprise to find out that he literally is now the biggest flop as far as ticket sales go? Not really. The silent majority in this country is conservative, and we are also the ones who attend movies more than the left do.

According to Clash Daily :

His crusade against Trump has backfired “Bigly.” Opening night won’t even cover the cost of the popcorn and soda. It’s been a tough couple of months for Shia Labeouf.

His grandstanding ‘He will not divide us’ event, which was supposed to be Him Trolling Trump backfired.

He became an internet laughingstock.  Until recently, he was facing assault and harassment charges over his reaction to people who trolled him back. With THAT still hanging over his head, he played an international game of cat-and-mouse with his “he will not divide us” live feed.

He lost. Repeatedly. It wasn’t even close. Each time he put up a flag, it was located by internet-savvy trolls who crosschecked details like weather, flight paths, and bird species to identify the location. He was taunted online with viral pics like these:

But at least he’s still got his acting, rght? Then came the big night. OPENING night.

And nobody showed up.

“Man Down,” a war thriller with Shia LaBeouf, grossed just £7 ($8.70) when it premiered in a single U.K. theater over the weekend, according to ComScore. That’s the equivalent of selling a single ticket, given that the U.K. Cinema Association puts the average movie admission cost in the country at £7.21. “Poor Shia,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.” The film played in one location, Reel Cinema in Burnley. It was simultaneously released digitally on demand, making the theatrical release something of an afterthought. It launches on DVD and Blu-ray next month, according to the Guardian. — Variety

Call Guinness. Could that be that an actual record? It would be tough to beat THAT!

Box offices around the world will start to feel the severe damage done by these elitist and prissy celebrities. The movie industry will either fall or have to implement some serious rules for its actors. It is one thing to have a disagreeing opinion of politics; it is another to go out of one’s way to bash, threaten, or otherwise be completely insane when it comes to who the President of the United States is.

At what point do these morons realize they aren’t actually doing any good in the country? Their mouths far surpass anything remotely intelligent, and it is embarrassing they are the ones who represent us on the silver screen worldwide.

The days of Bogart and Bacall are definitely and sadly far behind us. Class and grace within the entertainment industry are being quickly deleted and replaced with filth and disgrace. The music industry is no better, and in reality probably far worse. No one who stands in a place of being a role-model seems to have any morals or values anymore. It’s impossible for real Americans to take them seriously let alone allow our children to watch or listen to any of it.

Maybe only selling one ticket per movie will teach these idiots that we don’t pay them to be ignorant and ugly. We don’t care what they think about Trump, and we will not support them as long as they continue to spew their hatred and filth. Then again we would have to give them the benefit of having some amount of brains, which they continue to prove is not the case.

H/T [ Clash Daily ]


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