LMAO: Portland Rioters Block The Road, Get Their Asses Handed To Them By Fed Up Cops

In today’s topsy-turvy world, everyone is an activist and needs to make a difference. Which is why you see these millennials marching for “social justice” and right the wrong’s of society even when there is none. Take for instance, the latest protest in Portland, Oregon where a bunch of idiots attempt to block traffic by standing in the road. Why are they protesting you may ask.

According to The Oregonian, the protest was held for the firing of the police chief over tactics used during Inauguration Day protests last Friday.

…”A group of about 30 people gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square in the afternoon, calling for the dismissal of Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman. Clad mostly in black with many wearing bandanas over their faces, they stepped into the intersection of Southwest Yamhill and Sixth Avenue, blocking cars, buses and a MAX train.

…It apparently was part of a promise by people to disrupt the city to show their outrage over the police response to an Inauguration Day rally and march downtown last Friday when officers in riot gear used tear gas and flash-bang and sting-ball grenades to get people to leave.

Each of the people arrested — 12 adults and two 17-year-olds — received improper position on a highway citations, Portland police said in a news release.

The protesters were in the Yamhill intersection for less than 15 minutes when officers arrived to the cheers of bystanders. They cleared the intersection and arrested three people while bystanders whooped and clapped…”

However, these dirty hipsters were in for a rude awakening and it was all caught on camera.

Roll film!

People had enough of these childish antics and decided to push back.

Thankfully, this glorious moment was caught on film and with various camera angles.

All I have to say is that this is the greatest thing I have seen in a long time. It is about time these idiots face consequences for their actions and with Trump as president I do not see that stopping anytime soon.

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