LOCK HIM UP! Congress Has Moved To Formally Investigate Obama For Treason

I have a dream that I am sure many of you all have too. I dream that Barack Obama will be arrested, convicted of treason, and thrown in prison for a very long time. For years, there has been speculation that he would be arrested, but nothing has come of it. Finally, after years of Barack Obama’s treason, we may have enough proof to put him behind bars.

The leaders in the House oversight committee have stepped forward and are demanding answers. They want to know whether or not Obama disregarded the U.S. effort to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous Iranian weapon traffickers during the nuclear Iran deal. But, that is not all they are demanding answers for. The House leaders are also wanting to know if the Obama administration jeopardized our national security with Tehran.

According to Politico:

Republican leaders of the House oversight committee said Friday they have launched a sweeping investigation into whether the Obama administration, in trying to win support for a nuclear deal and prisoner swap with Tehran last year, undermined an ambitious U.S. counterproliferation effort to thwart Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

Also in response to the POLITICO investigation, 13 Republican senators have demanded answers about whether the Obama administration jeopardized U.S. national security as a result of its protracted top-secret negotiations with Tehran, and then misled the American public when disclosing the terms of the two deals in January 2016.

The House and Senate lawmakers cited various portions of an April 24 report by POLITICO that found that the Obama administration, through actions in some cases and inaction in others, significantly hampered a much-touted federal law enforcement effort known as the National Counterproliferation Initiative at a time when it was making unprecedented headway in thwarting Iran’s illicit weapons proliferation activities.

The Obama administration has proven to the American people that they were never trustworthy. It was obvious in the way they handled many backroom deals behind the American peoples back.

A perfect example of this would be the way liberals reacted to the release of WkiliLeaks. The liberals were more upset with how the information was obtained instead of what the emails revealed. These people do not care one bit about the American people and those emails between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta proved it.

However, instead of them admitting they spoke so disparagingly about American citizens they tried to cover it up. This country will fall to ruin if we do not have leaders and people in the media that are willing to report the truth. We need strong statesman that are willing to expose the corruption within our own government.

Thought what is troubling is that it seems that the left is trying to keep everything hidden. I am glad to see these Republican leaders pushing for answers on this Iran deal since there is strong evidence to prove that we were lied to.

In a letter to Jeff Sessions jointly drafted by 13 Republican Senators, the Senators penned, “We write to request your assistance in providing Congress with more information regarding the Obama Administration’s decision” to drop the charges or convictions in the 21 (Iran deal) cases,”

Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of this and we can put Obama behind bars once and for all.

H/T [ Politico ]