LOL: Angry Woman Grabs a Drink And Shows Disrespectful Fans Exactly What She Thinks About Them Sitting During National Anthem

The true-hearted Americans in this country are daily being pushed harder and harder with the continued and growing disrespect of our flag,anthem, and our Military. People are starting to react to seeing others take a knee during the anthem in many venues. While the ones protesting claim they have the First Amendment that protects their right to protest, they forget that the same First Amendment protects our right to then counter-protest. Feel free to continue to protest, but be ready for the consequences.

Two university students clearly just couldn’t stomach seeing anyone take a knee once again at a sporting event, and these two women took it personal. They invoked their own freedom of expression as they “expressed” their anger by throwing a soda onto two men who took a knee in the stands during the Anthem at a Lakers game recently. I can’t say that I blame the young women. Many of us would have either done the same or had to be physically removed so that we didn’t do worse.

The two men may have been within their rights, but those rights wouldn’t be upheld if they were in a different country. While so many complain about oppression in America, they fail to see that this supposedly oppressing country is allowing them to continue their bogus protests. Any other country would have jailed them, and some would have put them to death.

There will be many more like these two patriotic young women in the months to come and I for one say good for them. I stand and defend their rights to their own freedoms of expression.

According to Conservative Fighters :

A woman was recorded throwing her drink on two men at a Los Angeles Lakers game for kneeling during the national anthem.

Haley Perea of California is the woman in the video who approaches two men of color who are seated and yells: ‘Excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of s***’.

She then throws her soda all over the men.

The woman recording, Savannah Sugg, posted the video to Twitter with the caption,”’Take a kneel for the land of the slaves” Disrespect our flag and our country and that’s how we’ll react.’

The tweet has since been deleted as well as both of the women’s social media accounts.

The video was recorded after the national anthem when the men were already back in their seats.

As the two women walk away one is heard calling them ‘f******.
The men are seen turning to the women but video cuts off as they walk away and it is unclear if the men confronted them.

Perea and Sugg are both students at California Baptist University.

While I am not usually an advocate of anything remotely violent, I do thank these two women for taking a stand against the hypocrisy and utter disrespect for our Nation that not only the two men showed but so many others do as well. This country has had more than enough with the continued protests that really stem only from Trump having been voted as President. It didn’t fit the collective democratic agenda and therefore the top dems are doing all they can to ruffle feathers which they have actually done quite well.

The masses on the left are ignorant to what it is they are actually doing, and it appears that most of them don’t have the mental capacity to fully grasp even the constitutional amendments they love to try and throw in our faces. Not a single argument any of them try to use actually makes any sense on the bigger scale of reality. It is almost as if we all live on different planets at this point.

It has to stop before the right finds themselves in a corner that we will absolutely fight our way out of. We are not the kind to be continuously pushed and prodded without pushing back at some point as these two young women just showed many. Today it is a soda, but tomorrow it may be worse. Patriotic Americans will only be told to stand down for so long, and then all bets are off.

H/T [ Conservative Fighters ]